I have been in the health coaching business with a previous program called Saving Generation Next.

My program is refined and revised and being launched as One You One Diet One Life.

I am a holistic healer who transforms women emotionally and physically who are suffering from guilt associated with anxiety and depression by showing them the physical imbalances that are the true cause of their challenge.  By learning that 'it is not all in their head...' guilt dissipates.  I teach my clients 'the language of their body'.  I teach my clients the early red-flags and warning signs of impending disease.  I teach my clients that no matter the health diagnosis, 90% have the exact same three imbalances within the body.  I show how physical imbalances affect mental health and energy.

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    Hi, I am a client of the ‘Knowledge Business Blueprint’ (Dean Graziosi) and HeartCore Business...