Experienced Executive Assistant

I am an experienced Executive Assistant with over 25 years experience in the legal, medical and high-tech fields.

I am an organized freak and love using checklists. When I get it right, I want it documented. I am a skilled minute taker and actually enjoy it! I like setting the meeting up and all the preparation that goes with it. I draft the agenda, prepare the meeting package, take the minutes and follow up on action items. I enjoy the governance side of things as well. I am comfortable working at a senior level, but have also taken minutes for operational type meetings.

I am skilled at calendar management and meeting organization. I make travel arrangements and plan events.

I am a writer so enjoy drafting emails and letters. I am old fashioned enough that I still proofread. I can also be convinced to do data entry when needed.

I have an advanced working ability in Word, Outlook, Adobe, Acrobat Pro IX, PowerPoint and Excel.

I have presentation skills and enjoy teaching and training.

If you require any of these services, please contact me at patriciaannrobb@gmail.com.

Patricia Robb

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