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Cover Letter 2 – Hire My Mom

Cover Letter 2

Please accept this letter and the accompanying resume as an expression of my interest to join Fast Forward Media as a Virtual Assistant. I am a senior at the Bauer College or Business at the University of Houston graduating in December 2019. As an enthusiastic business student with outstanding abilities to lead a team, organize and manage projects, and analyze data I believe I can be an asset to your company.

As office manager and legal assistant I have had the opportunity to work with different teams and individuals where I have had to schedule appointments, court dates, and hearings. I am detail oriented and organized. I have developed systems to better improve our services to our clients and implemented software to better manage our client database. One of the responsibilities assigned to me was to improve employee productivity, which I achieved through the creation of workflows and templates. This allowed our paralegals to improve not only their productivity, but the quality of their work. I was asked to travel to California and oversee the opening and implementation of our California branch, along with hiring and training all incoming employees.

A specific project I am proud of is creating and implementing a khan ban system that is kept both on a large white board and online. This system tracks the status of each case in our pipeline, from incoming clients to closing out cases. The system is set up so that each paralegal can track the status in real time and is adjusted in a weekly 15-minute meeting with their team manager.

As to my experience with working with clients by phone, it is extensive. Most, if not all my work, is done by phone, and I have had extensive training on how to speak with clients over the phone.

I am an adventurous, clever, and determined young professional in pursuit of growth and development in all aspects of my life. I strive to do the best in all aspects of my life and try to make those around me and myself a little better each day.

I am confident that my experience in management will qualify me for consideration. I look forward to discussing my qualifications in more detail.

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cover letter 2

Justina lazo
6350 Meadowvista Dr. Apt#1515
Corpus Christi, TX 78414
(361) 562-4144
November 14, 2017

Carrie Grace
PO Box 52044
Durham NC 27717

Dear Carrie,
I recently learned about your business and the position available to boost positive vibes around the world with your kindness and motivation and what better way to do so by advertising! I would love to help spread your words and business in Texas!
As you can see in my resume I major in the dental profession, however I want to strive my social skills! I also have done many presentation about oral education at local elementary schools and have many relatives who work in a school setting that need some positive impact such as your services! I am also present in the social media world and can help you in any way possible to spread love!
On a personal level, Texas has recently been hit by hurricane Harvey and people are still recovering from this disaster. I have never seen so much helpful and caring people take care of each other! So we Texans need some up lifting words Carrie!
I’d like to set up a phone interview or chat to talk further about your business and my skills making great changes around the world especially in Texas!

Justina Lazo

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Cover Letter 2

To whom it may concern,

I would love the opportunity to speak with you about your needs! I feel that I would be a good fit for this position, as I have some experience with most of these platforms, I am familiar with online sales listings, and anything IT related is my comfort zone.

I loved that you asked for someone who can “follow directions”, as that describes me perfectly. I love having a specific set of instructions to follow, and am confident that I can be an asset to your company.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Naomi Bowles

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Cover Letter 2


I wanted to apply for this job but was hesitant to do so. I am an active social media manager, virtual assistant, and writer. I love taking on new projects and your job duties seemed like the perfect fit. The only thing I was hesitant on was the fact that while, yes I am a mother, my only child resides in Heaven.

The one reason I continued to apply for this job was because of my nanny status that I’ve kept for the last twelve years. I have worked with children from part time, one on one, to one on twelve, to a live in nanny. I’ve seen it all, and done it all when it comes to children and have a lot more knowledge than many mothers do.

So if you’re willing to work with a childless mom/virtual assistant who is dedicated, organized, creative and fun than I’d love to hear from you.

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