About me

My goal as a virtual assistant is to support entrepreneurs, business owners, and highly productive business executives, so there is more time for the creative strategy needed to scale business. I’d like to add value to companies across all industries as an integral team member for companies looking to outsource their task list for both projects and ongoing work.

About Me: I have 5 years of experience as a personal assistant, receptionist, and executive administrative assistant in both corporate and home offices. I have also worked as an independent contractor though a mobile platform called Taskrabbit. Aside from accomplishments on my resume, three top skills that I have cultivated through my professional experience that I think is most important for working with a remote team and with very busy high profile individuals is the following:

1. Excellent personable communication skills- Going that extra mile to do more than the minimum shows that I am invested in the success of the business, trustworthy, and reliable. My job is to relieve stress and add quality to the communication line between customers and clients with regular with excellent customer service and progress updates on my task list.

2. Time management- Being able to meet the expectations of both clients and customers of clients is important. Prioritizing tasks to meet deadlines and highlighting what is most important for management’s attention is key to staying organized.

3. Dependability- It is about both what you do and how you do it. Delivering work with no errors and on time is being both efficient and effective which make me someone accountable for the tasks that I take on. In addition, I’m often responsible for handling confidential information that require me to have great rapport with clients and their customers.

There are many more interpersonal skills I can identify that make a virtual assistant visible to clients as the field of outsourcing work for online and brick- and- mortar businesses becomes more common. I have the ability to provide solutions, solve problems for clients, and find out how to do things that I might not have been asked to do before. I am confident learning something new in a very short time and I draw from my education and experience.

In terms of technical skills, I have familiarity with a long list of cloud management platforms (some free and others for a fee) that is available to assist in keeping things streamlined and organized. I can recommend different cloud management platforms based upon need and I can quickly learn to navigate a particular online-software because I am proficient with the following:
1. Business management tools

asana, basecamp

2. Admin clerical

Microsoft word, outlook, and excel spreadsheets
infographics – for data display

3. Social Media

twitter updates, facebook ads, instagram, linkedin networking, Pintrest
e-managing etsy, ebay, amazon account
Youtube channel, vimeo

4. Communication

dropbox, google doc business version
skype, zoom
mailchimp, survey monkey

When I’m not working or learning something new, I enjoy being outside under the sun playing sports, hiking, painting with music, and going out to my favorite restaurants around L.A. with my 2 year old son and husband.

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