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5 Ideas for Social Media Posts – Hire My Mom

5 Ideas for Social Media Posts

We all know we need to be on social media for our businesses, but what do we post?  It can be tough to come up with content ideas to keep your page fresh.  Consistency is a big component of doing social media well, so having some options is great idea.

Read along for some of our best tips to creating a variety of types of social media posts.

Use snippets

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you post! All of those blog posts you write? You can cut those into tips and bite-sized pieces of information for your social media posts.

You can include snippets that include: the benefits of your service, one tip out of a list from your blog posts, or industry information that you can put into “fun facts” or “statistic” kind of posts.  Just be sure to cite your sources!

Tips and advice

Become the expert in your field.  Not only does this make you look very knowledgeable, but it provides content on your social pages. Just as we mentioned above, you can create tips and advice in your blog posts and share that information on social media.

If you don’t write a blog, or don’t include many tips in your blog, you can put tips into a nice graphic format and post them.  Everyone likes small bits of information that they can read and share, and it shows that you’re willing to provide value to your readers.

Syndicate information

You can use relevant outside information for your posts, as long as you cite sources and/or link back to the website where you found them.

You can quote statistics, link to blog posts, or relevant industry websites that may provide information that your audience is interested in.  You don’t need to have all the answers, but you can fill in the gaps with information from other trusted sources.  As always, remember to note that you’re sharing information, give proper credit, and don’t pass it off as your own work.

Ask your audience

Ask questions! Polls are always fun, and if you’re unsure about a product or service offering, what better way to find out than to ask current or prospective clients?

You could even do a fun hashtag, such as “AskAQuestionWednesday where you pose a different question each week.  Make this fun! You can do drawings once in a while for something small, or for a 30 minute offering of your service for one lucky entry.

It’s important to note that while posing questions is a great start, you have to gain participation.  Offering something small once in a while is a great way to generate interest!

Be inspirational

Anything that is “feel good” is always welcome on social media.  Whether it’s quotes, raving testimonials and reviews, or inspiring stories, people like to read positive information.

Give them a beautifully designed graphic quote to start their day, or share a story about someone overcoming something extraordinary.  You should stick to industry posting most of the time, but it never hurts to branch out and reach more people by sharing useful, happy content as well.

Success on social media isn’t far away! Use content that you’ve already worked hard to create, utilize outside content to share with readers, and use some positive, motivational content to inspire your readers.


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