3 Tips to Use LinkedIn for Success

LinkedIn is a remarkable tool for connecting with other professionals, job searching, and featuring your past and present work.  It’s also a great tool for career success, and with a few key steps, you will find that you’re reaping more and more benefits from the site.

LinkedIn is known for being more “professional” than Facebook and Twitter, and it has stayed that way for some time.  Since it’s more for business, finding success on the site will look different than on others. Utilize the tips below for increased visibility and greater opportunities.

Use the Features

LinkedIn is a site full of excellent features! The Get Introduced feature is excellent, in that it allows you to contact those you do not know very well via someone you do know.  It’s a great way to contact someone while having a friend or colleague in common, which always makes leads and interactions much more intimate, likely to get a response, and trustworthy.

You can also utilize the Publisher feature, which is LinkedIn’s answer to the blog post.  We know that we can create short status updates, but you can post full-length blog posts with photos include via the Publisher feature. Not only does this spread your message across another channel, it establishes you as a thought leader on the site that is known for leadership, professionalism, and careers.

Be Interactive

Don’t simply create a profile and not use it! As mentioned above, LinkedIn has top notch features, but some of the true benefits lie in the day-to-day basics.

It’s important that you’re interacting – posting status updates daily or multiple times per week, liking and commenting on others’ posts, and seeking out informative articles and blog posts.  You can learn a lot on LinkedIn, as well as support your fellow friends and colleagues in their workplace endeavors and accomplishments.

Work on Your Profile

Getting to 500+ connections is important, but you want to be sure that you’re only accepting people you know, or at least be discerning in acceptance.  You want to keep your network as useful as possible, and the tools such as the Get Introduced feature work much better when you’re dealing with a group of connections that you actually know.

Another way to work on your profile is to be sure you have an excellent personal summary that explains who you are and what you can offer.  In addition to this, list your jobs and what you were able to contribute to them.  Focus on measurable results, as that’s much more helpful for potential employers to go on.

Lastly, be sure that you’re giving and receiving quality recommendations.  Request recommendations from valued clients or colleagues, and be sure to give them out for a job well done.  It’s important for your future employers, as well as giving you credibility in your given field. Quality, current, and accurate recommendations can truly help you in achieving a job position or being seen as an expert.

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