3 Tips to an Effective Work from Home Office

Creating your home-based office is one of the most crucial and primary steps when you begin working from home.  Our work environment greatly impacts our productivity, stress level, and ability to work effectively, so it’s important to put some time, thought, and effort into creating a wonderful space.

You don’t have to go all out to create a serene office, but there are some key considerations before jumping into your work.  Do you have a comfortable space? What about the chair you’re sitting in?  Read along for tips on setting up a productive, supportive work station that allows for effective work and as little stress as possible.

Find the Best Location

You know what they say – location, location, location! It’s very important that you choose the best location in the house for your home-based office. Is it far from distractions?  Is it in a stuffy location in the house? Does the room bring me peace and serenity?

Make sure that your comfort is included in this checklist. If you’re too close to certain things or too far from others, it can impact your workday.

Get Comfy

Spending a lot of money is not necessary! Although it will be a small investment, it’s well worth it. Do a simple search for “most comfortable office chairs” or go to your local office store to find one that suits you. There are numerous options available to you, and it’s crucial to get one that suits your body and comfort level; you’ll be spending a lot of time there!  A supportive chair that keeps you in a healthy posture is absolutely key.

Another important step in setting up a comfortable office is your desk.  There are also numerous desks out there, ranging from very inexpensive to quite pricy.  It’s important to find something that will last and functions well for what you need.  Does your job require a lot of filing?  Make sure that your desk includes a filing cabinet! If your computer setup is unique, consider that as well.

Cue the Lights

Lighting is one of those things that’s not considered very often, but it can truly affect your workday.  How down do we feel when we aren’t given access to sunlight or windows? It can really dash our productivity!

When you choose your office, do your best to pick a space with a window, and if you can’t do that, ensure that the lighting is top notch. Invest in a great lighting fixture or a few good lamps that produce the most natural light possible.  If you cannot work near a window, be sure that you’re stepping out for fresh air and sunlight as often as you can.

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