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3 Tips for Successful Social Media Posts – Hire My Mom

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3 Tips for Successful Social Media Posts


Social media is a very important part of our world today, but it’s even more crucial in business. Whether you run your own home based business or work for clients from home, a solid social media presence is crucial.


There’s a lot of technical information out there about posting schedules and so on, but getting back to basics is often key to content that gets noticed.  Here are some basic social media tips for personal and business success.


Add Value


Adding value is the surefire way to get attention on social media.  It’s not all about selling, and in fact, selling should not make up most of your social media strategy!


You can add value by providing access to you and your expertise.  Giving quick tips, links to relevant, useful articles, and link backs to your own helpful blogs is a great way to let your audience see you as the expert.  Additionally, you can add value by inspiring – quotes and motivational information and quotes are always well received on social media.  Many people can relate to these sayings and informational snippets, so feel free to use them as they fit into your message, branding, and business.


Use Visual Appeal


There are numerous graphics programs online and via software, and it’s easier than ever to create beautiful graphics for social media.  Whether you’re creating a fun infographic or a nice background image for your quote, visually appealing content is necessary these days.


Not only is visual content necessary to stay current, it’s very shareable – meaning that it’s easy for your followers to click the “share” button and spread your content far and wide. This is always a goal when posting to social media, and visually appealing content can get you there faster and with far more impact.


Track It


It’s great to share your content, but is it really a success?  Facebook (and mostly every social network) makes it very easy to see which posts do well, from your “reach” to likes, comments, and general positioning among past posts.


By tracking your progress, you can see what type of graphics your audience likes, if you’re sharing the right kind of content, and so on.  Spend a few minutes each week tracking your posts and seeing what works and what doesn’t.  There’s no harm in having some posts that don’t do as well, as it can be a matter of trial and error for a bit.

Tracking progress gives you a return on all of your hard work in creating great content and visual posts.  This way, you can see what is working and what will continue to be popular in the future!


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