3 Productivity Tips for Work from Home Employees

Numerous studies have shown that when employees work from home, productivity increases. Although this is widely true, if you’re new to a home-based career, you might find productivity initially difficult.

You’re going from a structured office environment with employees and your boss nearby to a much more independent workspace. Read along for some productivity tips for work from home employees.

Track Your Time

Track your time every day, and for every task, especially if you work hourly. Define your objectives and what you want to accomplish. When you can see what you’re doing on a consistent basis, you’re able to schedule more effectively in the future. Yes, it’s great if you’re accomplishing your daily tasks without tracking hours, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be more productive next week.  It’s only when you can see everything laid out and where you’re utilizing time wisely (or not so wisely) that you can put a more effective weekly plan in place.

Use the Right Tools

The right tools can make all the difference in your productivity.  Whether you need a tool for documents or one for scheduling, you can find many that will help you plan and execute your day more seamlessly.

View the tools for your home-based career as your accountability (like an office-based supervisor). They will keep you organized, allow you to share with colleagues, and give you access from anywhere.

Keep a Schedule

Maintain a schedule just like a normal job and a normal workday. In a work from home job, it can be easy to fall into a lazy day, noticing that you haven’t accomplished anything at 4 PM! When you have a schedule and get into the groove of following it, you can see your day as a whole and be sure that you’re checking the important things off.  Your schedule should include each item that needs accomplished and the approximate time needed to complete it correctly.

Utilize your schedule for personal and family appointments and tasks as well, since they will cut into your work hours. If you have to work a bit later or earlier to make up for any time off, factor that in.

Work from Home Tips

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