Are you looking for a remote position with serious growth potential ? Do you have experience or an interest in integrative medicine ?

Dr. Wyndham is seeking a medical assistant with business mindset that wants to grow develop.

Medical Assistant job duties:


Communication with patients: Communicate with patients regarding follow ups, testing results available, making appointments,  and other non-medical patient questions. Employee will interact with and report to Dr. Windham directly with any concerns, questions or clarifications.

Get patients registered in the electronic medical record (EMR), which is called Power 2 Patient (P2P).
Get patient on zoom in preparation for their visit.
Make sure all e-signatures are signed in P2P.
For visits, follow up after the visit with Dr. Windham to review the plan, make sure patient is clear, answer any questions.
Patient Follow Up: Keep track of when patient follow ups are due based on the progress note and notify patients of need for appointment.


Documentation: Will be responsible for keeping appointments scheduled in P2P, shared work calendar, zoom and Calendly. Will document in the chart the patient concerns when they have written notes that are relevant to their doctor’s appointment.
Document retrieval: Interact with the office, labs, and testing facilities to obtain any tests or studies ordered by physician or medical records requested by physician that patient may need for follow up. Make sure that all such documents are scanned into the chart and available by the time of the patient’s appointment.


Office Communications: Employee will monitor faxes and send to Dr Windham with relevant notes to expedite answers; will be responsible for answering calls forwarded from the receptionist and answering messages left for the office; will communicate with third party providers for all necessary non-medical issues.

Take payments for services ( High Level of Trust )

get patients scheduled when they have discounted visits that can’t be scheduled online.
Weekly TEAM meetings to monitor progress, assign new tasks.

Additional Potential Role    for the right person !

Role as Dr. Wyndhams 2nd /Right Hand
Willingness to start in MA role until able to hire a 2nd position
Desire to play a prominent role in building a new kind of company offering a fresh personal medical approach
Highly Organized Mind
Some Knowledge and or Personal interest in Integrative Medicine
Be the BOSS of Dr. Wyndham’s calendar ; keep calendar focused on company goals
Highly comfortable with technology and innovation
Serve as research assistant on occasion ; willingness to learn
Willing to learn and a help a business grow

Pay $21 to start As MA with significant growth potential

20 hours week

Benefits TBD : with growth of company


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Whole Human Life is about change, personal evolution and social revolution. It’s about recognizing the shared divinity within all of us and acting accordingly.

Motto: Reimagine Yourself. Regenerate Health. Reinvigorate Life.

Tag Line: When trying to be healthy isn’t good enough and your health issues persist despite your best attempts, you must become a medical Jedi warrior. Seek out those who can teach you the path to get there. Stop trying. Do life. Let us help.

How we serve: We treat each other and patients with compassion, serving from our hearts.

Conflicts are handled with honest and open discussion, choosing curiosity over clash.

We develop ourselves and each other every day, valuing our own and each other’s thoughts and ideas.

We are anchored in the common purpose of serving our community, each other, and the world.

Business Philosophy:

All people are VIP patients. All people deserve the best that science and money have to offer. All people deserve a doctor who cares and an environment that heals. All people deserve hope and a focused treatment plan tailored to them.

We focus on treating the whole human, not just pieces or parts, utilizing all the scientific research into the various fields of medical science to design a complete therapeutic regimen for each person, whether they are looking for treatment of a chronic or debilitating illness or injury or just want assistance staying vibrant, strong and healthy as they age. We believe that successful treatment means treating the whole human, body, mind, and spirit and our approach reflects this conviction. Our patient successes, high level of patient retention and referral of friends and family proves the approach works.

Mission Statement:

To provide integrative medical solutions in complicated disease management, improve health in the aging process and especially to have a positive impact on the overall health of the population in rural communities. Our specialty area of practice to start is PsychoNeuroImmunology. This means the majority of our patients are those with autoimmune disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric illnesses.

What is Integrative Medicine?

The practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals, and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.

Company Goals and Objectives:

Integrative medical approaches are appropriate for all people in all age groups. However, our focus of care is directed at patients with chronic disease states and those interested in healthy aging, with a particular interest in autoimmune disease, cancer, brain diseases and psychiatric illnesses. This field of practice is called PsychoNeuroImmunology, which is Dr. Windham’s specialty.


Must be able to maintain confidentiality and follow HIPPA regulations; High Level Trust Must have an organized mind Must be comfortable with technology and innovation Business Development Experience is +