You are a sales rock star with a proven track record.
You thrive with the challenge to get in touch with a prospect and find out how to bring our solutions to them.
You are constantly learning how to use dialogues to improve conversions.
You are meticulous with your details and strong in your follow up.
You love using automations to assist in getting raised hands and developing long term relationships with people.
You love to spend 50% of your time on the phone talking to people and thrive on the energy of reaching someone.
You love to get into a CRM / Database and create a long term nurture that makes sure to touch the prospect weekly / bi-weekly / monthly or until they respond and / or tell us to leave them alone.
You are open to weekly coaching / discussions to course correct as needed.
You are growth minded.
You practice active listening and hone your questioning skillset.

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Real Estate Background (Retail or Investing) Sales Background (Client / Communications Focused) Administrative (CRMS / Excel Spreadsheet)