Looking for a motivated Business Development Executive for a media relations and content marketing agency.

The company is focused on the increased owned and earned media visibility of product-based businesses, of which you will have a list to work from.

This is a part-time position where work is done remotely with a low base salary of $500/month and a high commission of 30% per sale, which is $750 per sale of our $2,500 service.

We’re looking for ONE sales rep to come aboard with us… part-time to start with room for massive growth!

Here’s the thing…

We need someone who takes pride in their work, to hone their craft, and take personal responsibility for results.

This individual will need to be massively driven – we want someone who WANTS to earn $5K+ per month working part-time and is hungry to achieve this while maintaining integrity.

Here’s what we need:

* You must be LIKEABLE. Do people basically like you without you trying? If not, don’t apply…

* You must be METHODICAL – if you don’t like routine, and you don’t like details, this is NOT the position for you.

* You must be COACHABLE. We work in the earned media space and the stuff you are about to get exposed to is going to BLOW YOUR MIND! Seriously, if you can’t pick this stuff up and be willing to spend however long it takes you until you get it – don’t apply.

* You must have sky-high INTEGRITY. That means being able to say NO when someone is not a good fit. Doing the right thing has to be more important to you than making a sale.

We’re doing next level stuff here at Media Maven. You’ll be provided with full support from the team to help us streak towards our goals.

This means this train has NO BRAKES. If you’re going to work with us, you need ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM, and MASSIVE DEDICATION. If you’re a dabbler, or if “yeah, but” is your favorite phrase, do not apply.

As our business developer, the ENTIRE client experience starts with YOU. It’s your job to pull people out of mediocrity and introduce them to bigger, better, more wonderful visions for their life and business.

The people and businesses you close will have their lives and businesses radically transformed. This is also an open door to growth for YOU as a Media Maven team member.

Job Responsibilities:

*Expert hunter skills, generate and identify qualified sales leads in focused quality clients, verticals, and target markets
*Candidate must be comfortable with cold outreach, relationship building, and must be able to prove these skills through references or specific experiences
*Responsible for a monthly quota of $10,000 in new business revenues, or just four “PR Profit Plans” sold.
*Excellent organizational and time management skills
*Effective management of contacts, proposal pipeline, account issues, and other duties as assigned
*Excellent communication skills including face-to-face, written, presentation, and phone


Media Maven was founded by a TV reporter and anchor in 2015 and has continued to rapid growth.

Media Maven is a fast-paced, fun, energetic, and positive work environment. If you want to be a part of our team, send a cover letter explaining why you’re a fit and resume to Christina Nicholson at Christina@MediaMavenAndMore.com.


*Ideal candidate and the preferred candidate will have experience in both sales and the media industry *Experience in selling a solution and consulting based projects *Candidates that cannot demonstrate selling these solutions through proven work experience will not be considered *All of the above criteria must be proven and will be validated