Are you a Mom who used to work in corporate America? I am a busy woman entrepreneur who is disorganized – seeking someone who is very organized, smart, reliable, and passionate about supporting women. I speak/write/coach/train to help women get promoted and coach senior women leaders. I’m seeking someone to help organize me and get stuff done. I need help following up with all the people I meet at conferences (making systems, helping to follow up with them and make appts); help me set up a series of dinners for senior women leaders; help me organize all the papers/articles/conference stuff I get so I can write my next book; support personal tasks such as dr’s appts, refunds, shopping, planning bucket list items;
If you have internet marketing skills this is a HUGE plus for me – I would love support on the tech side of putting together my online funnel (I have all the softwares, need someone to help me post pages in clickfunnels for example)

Must be a Mac user – I particularly need help organizing all the files on my Mac Airbook and iMac, setting up systems to know where things are, helping me know where to find things on my computers;

I need someone who can help me think strategically about my to do list, figure out what you can help me with/take off my plate;


Mac User, excellent written and verbal communication; "corporate" experience a plus because my market is corporate women