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Are you ready to do work that matters for a company that values you? Are you looking for that culture-fit that has you pinching yourself everyday you get up for work, because you love your role in making a difference in people’s lives? We’re The Holistic Health Collaborative, and we think that work should be fun, your contribution should be recognized, and your happiness directly translates into a better bottom line for our company, and a better experience for our patients.

How about you?

Are you confident, reliable and resourceful? Do you have lots of energy, a great work ethic, EXCEPTIONAL organization and communication skills? Do you have the ability to serve as part of our family and care for our patients as if they were family as well?

If so, keep reading…

But before you spend too much time, here are the essential requirements for this opportunity of a lifetime:

  • Exceptional organization and communication skills
  • Loads of common sense
  • Talent to build and maintain relationships with patients
  • Ability to encourage patients
  • Warmth
  • Empathy
  • Superior listening skills
  • Answer finder and problem solver
  • Timeliness

We are a group of nationally and internationally recognized, fun, cutting edge, Functional, Integrative, and Holistic Medical Practitioners, looking for an A-Player who is a highly efficient, highly motivated, resourceful, results oriented person, with a sense of humor and tons of empathy for sick patients. We are looking for someone to join our family, not just our team.

Think what your perfect career would look like. How would you spend your ideal day? That’s the question we ask everyone we work with, because at our office, our primary goal isn’t patient satisfaction – it’s team satisfaction.

We want a part-time (20 hours, with opportunity for expansion), long-term, Medical Office Virtual Front Desk Superstar who can provide support to us as we solve medical mysteries and treat difficult diagnoses in patients who feel hopeless and overwhelmed because conventional medicine has failed to find a cause or cure for their symptoms. We help our patients (and our staff) regain their health and regain their lives, so they can be their most healthy, productive, satisfied, joy-filled selves. Qualified applicants must enjoy learning, being stretched to grow, and will ultimately be an integral part of all our operations.

Here is a short list of other “must-haves” that you should possess to apply for this position:

  • Be warm, friendly and empathetic – Our patients have often been ill for years and are in search of an ally, a guide who can finally figure out what is causing their symptoms and help them regain optimal health. As Front Desk Office Superstar you are often the initial patient contact with The Holistic Health Collaborative. Our patients (and staff) are our family and we treat everyone with respect and care. As the first face that many of our patients “see” or talk to, you are our “brand ambassador” and are the starting point for their healing. This skill is vital. It is non-negotiable. It is a natural talent that reflects an applicant’s entire persona and beliefs. It is a non-teachable skill and our first test of applicants when determining who will be a good fit.
  • Be Extraordinarily Organized – You must have the ability to constantly establish and maintain organizational systems, files and records, as well as process email, organize email inboxes, and handle incoming phone calls. The front desk can become busy and multi-tasking is a vital skill. That being said, we have systems in place that allow us to help one another if one area of the practice gets unusually busy. We all pull together and you will never hear someone say “that’s not my job” when someone needs help.
  • Have Excellent & Professional Communication Skills – You must be able to respond professionally in person and on the phone to patients from across the country and internationally, and have the ability to write, proof, and edit letters and other professional documents and handle sensitive information with tact and good judgment. You must be able to find solutions to help our patients and our organization.
  • Be Highly Attentive, Pro-active & Resourceful – You must be alert and anticipate patient and staff needs. We pride ourselves on being the doctors who actually listen to patients. We expect our staff to do the same.

Are we a good fit so far?… If YES, keep reading….

Here’s something you should know: As a team member of our team, it’s helpful if you have some of the following experience: working in a medical office or hospital, organizing events, working with children or the disabled. Why? Because the traits that allow you to succeed there (empathy, attention to detail, care for sick patients, organizational skills) will help you thrive here.

Do you also possess these qualities below?

1) Team and/or Leadership Experience – If you have leadership experience, please notate it in your inquiry. We find that people who’ve played on sports or other types of teams, or who have had significant leadership experience understand how to play their role, how to pitch in wherever is needed, and have a “Whatever It Takes” attitude.

2) Customer Service Experience – If you have experience in busy restaurants, retail, or high-level customer service, please notate it in your inquiry. We often find this type of person has received exceptional training, as well as an understanding of what it takes to maintain high levels of service and personal organization.

3) Positive Mental Attitude – We are all a family and really enjoy our time at work with one another because we are all on one mission to help our patients recover and get their lives back. A positive mental attitude, even when things don’t always go your way, is a vital requirement. Changing people’s mindset is the first step in healing and it has to come from the staff first.

**What’s In It For YOU?!?!**

Working with our lead practitioners Dr. Jose Montoya, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Dr. Heather Paulson, Naturopathic Oncologist (and their team) would be the single most useful education you could get. You’d literally be getting paid to learn, and contribute value in the form of your ideas, positive energy and organizational efforts. You’ll be exposed to concepts that you’ve only read about in health and wellness magazines…and you will hear how they operate to help patients heal.

For example, you will learn about the root causes of illness and the possibility of recovery in seemingly hopeless cases. You will learn about cutting edge testing and therapies unavailable anywhere else in Arizona. You will also learn about natural methods to help people get and stay healthy including nutritional supplements and body therapies. Holy cow! Where would you ever learn that in school? 🙂

In a typical medical office setting you would end up dealing with an endless sea of paper and boring tasks without getting to see and be a part of some amazing recoveries. Our whole team participates in the healing process and you will learn to experience patient victories as your own.

And much, much more…

Still interested? … Good! Here’s your next step:

The following link will take you to an electronic form that we created to identify exactly what we’re looking for in the ideal candidate (DO NOT APPLY BY PRESSING THE “APPLY NOW” BUTTON ON INDEED):


BEFORE taking action, go to www.drheatherpaulson.com and www.healthsynergyaz.com make sure our philosophy fits your own. We want to focus our time only speaking with people who are serious and meet the essential requirements. You will also find out more about our Journey, Mission and Approach by clicking the About Me button on our home page.

Location: Tempe, AZ. But this position is mostly remote, with a possibility of a few hours in the office each month. You MUST be early or on time for the day when work hours begin. Being on time is also non-negotiable.

Compensation: Compensation depending on experience and qualifications (we pay at least 10% more than the average in the industry and have a 300% better work environment). We also have regular reviews with the potential for raises and bonuses. We have paid holidays and paid time off (PTO).

We look forward to meeting you and learning how you can contribute to the growth of our amazing company.

*** If we feel that you may be the right person for the job, we’ll be in touch in 3-4 days (or sooner). Positions like this don’t come around very often, so we typically have many applicants for our positions. As a result, the hiring process in our organization involves several steps. Each is designed to make sure we find the perfect person. We value superior communication skills, problem solving, timeliness, and attention to detail as all are required of our team. Subsequent steps in our hiring process will measure each of these skills before we narrow candidates down for interviews.

***Do not call or email the office directly to apply. Only apply using the link we embedded in the text above just under “still interested”.

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