This is a job that you need to be available (on call) for from 9AM to 4PM EST, but you are welcome to do other projects/jobs of your own, as long as you are ready to respond the moment it is needed. I am open to various pay structures (hybrid of task-based and hourly-based) to reflect this balance.

You will monitor 3 to 5 separate inboxes for me, and you will respond and execute the required task or you will schedule a time for me to address it.

You should have experience in basic computer use, as well as Microsoft excel and you should be familiar with handling purchase orders, invoices, shipping related issues etc.

Organization and follow through is crucial to this job.

Please note: you will usually receive fewer than 20 emails per day, and often it will be fewer than 10.  So you will have time to do other projects, as long as you are constantly on call to answer an email when it comes.

If you reach out to me about this job, please begin your proposal with the following exact words:  “I have read your job post in it’s entirety, and I am stating that fact, per your request”.
If you do not start with those words, your proposal will not be considered.


This company started with a focus on the Cruise Industry, but has developed into a general sales agency.

I provide sales and business development services to companies that manufacture various consumer products.  My main focus is the sales and marketing side of the business, and I am looking for someone to manage the support/admin side of things.


Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Excel, basic familiarity with ecommerce and wholesale business processes (Purchase orders, invoices, order processing, picking shipping, tracking, etc)