I am building an exciting new coaching software company and looking for an online business manager to partner with me!

We are an online platform for coaches who want to grow their online coaching empire with programs, courses, and groups. I have big goals and dreams and would love a supportive partner to move this business forward and get stuff done!

I have a small team of 2 VAs right now, but I need to oversee every single task myself on top of doing everything else in my business. My goal is to grow my software to 1000 paying monthly subscribers and I know I can’t do this alone. I don’t have a “driver” on my team, so everything is on my shoulders. I’d love to move a little faster, be more organized, and delegate as much as I can so I can focus on the things only I can do.

With a supportive business manager, who understands “online business” and “coaching business”, I know we can become the #1 platform for coaches who run live coaching programs!

Here are the qualifications of the best candidate for this position:

* excellent at communication skills (writing and speaking, for communicating with customers, JV partners, and me :))
* comfortable with technology and familiar with online tools I use (see above)
* organized and can turn chaos into systems, and is not easily overwhelmed by multiple projects and details
* can be creative and loves brainstorming solutions (I am very collaborative and love input, helps me make decisions and organize my thinking)
* can become passionate about the product and become a partner that truly helps me grow πŸ™‚
* can reach out to my JV partners and communicate with them during launches
* can communicate with clients as needed
* organize customer service systems/SOPs
* can meet with me and the team weekly
* has a positive personality
* willing to work a few more hours during product launches
* willing to learn my software

Here’s the technology I currently use in my business:

WordPress, LeadPages, Infusionsoft, Manychat, Twilio, Plusthis, Vimeo, Amazon S3, and of course CoachingGenie.com πŸ™‚

Please note, that I am not looking for a business coach. I am looking for a manager who can help me organize all activities, people, projects, and systems in my business. I understand “lifestyle business” and don’t expect you to work till you drop πŸ™‚ But I do expect promises to be fulfilled and deadlines met, and for stuff to be done!


My main focus is on growing my software, but I've had multiple businesses, including Coaching Millions, JV Insider Circle, Recurring Revenue Revolution. I invented telesummit back in 2005, created the largest community of coaches online, and developed many tools for coaches.

Although CoachingGenie.com is only 1 year old, I've been in business since 2001. My coaching web site is www.SimplicityCircle.com, where you can learn about my company, philosophy, bio, and other products I created over the years.

My software is an amazing product and it's easy to become passionate about it, so I am really excited to find someone who can partner with me in growing this business!


To apply, please help me learn more about you by answering these questions: Please answer the following questions: 1. Why do you believe you're the best candidate for this position? 2. How long have you been an OBM and what did you do before? 3. What are your top 3 favorite things to do as an OBM? And what are your top skills? 4. What kind of things you'd rather not do? (just so I know where to focus your role) 5. How many clients do you currently work with and how many hours do you have available for a new client? 6. What is your hourly rate? Is there a different rate if I hire you for 20+ hours a month? 7. What time zone are you in? 8. What's your typical work schedule? 9. Have you reviewed CoachingGenie.com to understand the product's purpose? 10. What's your experience in managing people? 11. Are you comfortable approaching people (online or phone) about joint venture partnerships? 12. Are you open to a 30-minute interview? 13. Based on the RFP, do you have any questions for me? 14. What are some of your favorite movies and TV shows? 15. Can you really get shit done? πŸ™‚