Trying to see if this would work for me. I run a couple of different businesses and I am looking for someone to fill the void and pick up the slack and do things that I suck at to allow me to do things I’m good at. Not sure how this would work or how I can make it work.

Here are the primary and secondary qualifications

some of the primary consists of

– Report writing and generating
– summarizing requirements to me so I can give proper responses
– Preparing presentations on either keynote or PowerPoint or google slides

– Running Email marketing campaigns using Zoho Campaigns

– Generating the lists from our database and working on sending out the campaigns.
– changing my chicken scratch to something that I can send to others.


– High drive
– accuracy driven

– Extreme attention to details
– can catch mistakes for me
– Advise on a change in the document to fit better
– knows how to ask the right questions. Not just ask questions
– Can try and read between the lines and format to suit the overall message
– less is more. If you can deliver the message in one line I like that better.
– Grammar and spelling are perfect.
– Very resourceful and can find solutions or suggest solutions to a problem

– Highly experienced in making complex intertwined and WOW presentations setups

I prefer someone who knows how to you the IOS as well as windows which means keynote and PowerPoint numbers and excel as well as google suites and LucidĀ  Charts

you must have exceptional computer skills and you are very tech-savvy.

You must be extremely proficient in English and grammar.

when you respond make sure you indicate your strength and weaknesses. as well as have an EXCELLENT internet connection. Able to complete the task accurately and in a highly proficient manner is of utmost importance.

Having a CAMERA and MIC is part f the job and is nonnegotiable as there will be video conferencing to arrange as well as I prefer to see and discuss the requirements as “in-person” as possible

I do prefer a North American location and EST time zone.

why do you think you are the right candidate?

what qualifications do you have that sets you apart from all other candidates?


google suites. Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaign