Hi there, looking for a website project manager that can work from lead all the way through project completion.

Lead – would include you corresponding with the client and getting  initial information about the client.

Estimate/Proposal – You will then provide the customer with an estimate and cost proposal including creating and sending links for the client to make an initial deposit and sign the digital contract.

Website Project – You will stay in contact with the customer on project updates and if needed getting assets from the client as well.

Completion – You will finish up the final project by ensuring the final invoice is paid and the client has been asked for a Google Review.


This is a loose overview of the process we will review and revise as needed. I’m assuming this will be approximately 5-10 hours a month to start. You will be the main point of contact for the client and so you will need to be comfortable writing, explaining the design process and being professional while representing the Bianca Frank Design brand.

You will not be responsible for any of the wordpress web design process or estimating costs of projects.



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A Small boutique branding/design studio located in Anchorage, Alaska. We have had large growth over the last few years and looking to grow even further. We provide a laundry list of services to local and mid-size brands. We provide a holistic approach to clients to provide them what they need instead of just pushing our services. This entire process is dictated by understanding and nurturing the company brand.

We may niche down sooner than later into a certain demographic but for now we are focused on growing relationships and maintaining relationships with varying mid-sized businesses.


Customer Service, Project Management, Writing, Editing, Emailing