Looking for a part-time virtual assistant. Individual will assist me directly and also take on some admin duties for the professional women’s organization I run.

Should be detail-oriented, a self-guided problem-solver, open to learning some basic tech platforms like Slack (nothing too technical), communicative / quick to respond, responsible, respectful, curious and committed to learning and growing. Tasks include a lot of basic research and admin tasks, but could develop into more complex duties over time.

PLEASE NOTE: I am looking for someone who is happy doing the mundane, uncreative, tedious tasks that I don’t have time for. Someone who finds pleasure in lightening someone’s administrative load, regardless of how unexciting the task is. This is NOT a creative position, though creative problem-solving is a must. If you feel that doing things like negotiating with airlines and car dealership customer service departments, creating event listings, doing random product or city research, or finding a location for an event is beneath you in any way or an insult to your talents, please do not apply. It would not be a fit. If this all sounds like something you can and would enjoy doing, I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Total hours will vary per week / month — could be as few as only a couple of hours some weeks, but if the person demonstrates initiative, reliability, and intelligence, I will happily delegate more tasks and increase hours steadily over time. Lots of room for growth with the right person.

Position is fully virtually. I am current based between Los Angeles and Europe.


I'm a sociologist / former NYU and Parsons professor, now work as a writer, speaker, and thought leadership advisor to high-profile individuals: annaakbari.com. I also run a professional women's organization: https://www.womensla.com/