Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hire My Mom work?

When a client posts a new project to Hire My Mom, it is reviewed and posted in the members-only area in the Project Directory. Members receive a daily summary of projects / jobs that have been posted for the day and can log on to view all projects and jobs at any time.

How do I log in or get new projects?

When you join HireMyMom.com, you will be prompted to create a username and password. Once you have created your username and password, you will be able to log on to view all active projects.

How do I apply for a project?

To apply for a project, you will respond directly to the client listed in the email. Do not reply to HireMyMom.com. We do not have any part of the application or selection process from this point on. The client may ask for samples of work and / or references, etc. which you would send directly to them. We designed Hire My Mom to be VERY easy to use for both our Mom Professionals and our clients. There is no middle man. It's quick, easy and streamlined.

Can I see some sample projects that have been posted?

Yes, click here to see a few of the projects that have been posted.

When are jobs / projects removed from your site?

Jobs are removed as soon as the business or hiring person tells us the job has been filled. If they forget to tell us, the job will expire and be removed automatically after 90 days. Members also are encouraged to let us know if they find positions that are filled so that we can remove them.

Why do I have to pay for your service? I thought you weren't supposed to have to pay for legitimate "jobs".

We agree you should not have to pay for a “job”. With HireMyMom.com, you are not paying for a job. You are paying for us to market you as a member of HireMyMom.com. We are spending a marketing and advertising budget to get the site and members in front of individuals and businesses who may need their services. It costs money to design a professional website, market it continuously and run the business day to day. We are working as an “agent” on behalf of professional moms to encourage more businesses to hire moms at home.

How long before I can expect to get a job or project?

According to the US Department of Labor, "It often takes months of time and effort to find a job that matches your qualifications and desires. Actively pursuing multiple leads will maximize your search efforts and reduce the time it takes you to find employment. This means devoting as much time as you can to your job search."

Don't be discouraged if you do not find the right job or project right away.

Be persistent and continue to pursue those opportunities that match your skills and background.

What have others said about using HireMyMom.com?

Read testimonials from our Mom Professionals here.

Read testimonials from Businesses using our Mom Professionals here.

How will I be paid for work or projects?

The company or client who posts the projects pays you directly. HireMyMom.com is not involved in the payment process nor do we earn any revenue from what the Mom Professionals earn. You are responsible for setting up acceptable payment methods and checking the company out with the www.bbb.org, etc.

Do you screen employers who post on your site?

We do check out the company (if listed) with the BBB prior to approving any project. If they have an unsatisfactory record for any reason, their job is not approved. Or if the job is in any way offensive or objectionable, it is not approved. If the company is not listed with the BBB, it may be that they are a new company or a company that has not been researched by the BBB. As with any job or project, we strongly encourage members also to do research on the company and the person hiring. Check them out by doing an internet search to see if you find any mention of them (positive or negative) on message boards, etc.

Are there any permanent work from home jobs posted?

Yes, we have had permanent at-home jobs posted to our members.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you decide to cancel your membership, you may do so by emailing us prior to your next billing cycle. To cancel, contact Hire My Mom by email using the Contact Us form and we will cancel your membership within 48 business hours. Cancellations do not entitle you to refunds for periods you are already enrolled in. 

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of our business, we cannot offer refunds for periods currently enrolled in since once a person joins and logs in, they are able to immediately capture all jobs and projects posted. If we offered refunds, it would encourage unscrupulous people to join, copy the information and then cancel.

Do you allow home party plans, MLM or Network Marketing options to be posted?

No, this site is specifically for businesses to outsource projects such as administrative, writing, accounting, et. to moms working from home. Please try our other sites to recruit moms for your direct sales opportunity: http://www.HBWM.com

Can men join HireMyMom.com?
We are definitely geared towards helping moms. We’ve been in the “mom” market for over 12 years and that is our niche. There are lots of sites out there for freelancers in general that you may be more interested in. However, we do not restrict anyone from joining.

If you are looking for networking or work from home / home business support, we encourage you to check out our parent site Home-Based Working Moms (www.HBWM.com started in 1997) which has some great information and networking opportunities.

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