Mark David McCreary, Internet Tools, Inc.

“I needed a super Virtual Assistant, somebody that was much more technical than average, and could work without much supervision.  And my task would only take 1 to 2 hours a day. I posted a job on HireMyMom, and within a week I had 7 applications for a challenging task.

Five of the applications were superb and I scheduled interviews.  I followed the “Who: The A Method for Hiring” book and asked a handful of questions.  Giving them a chance to tell me what makes them great and what they like to do. From there I narrowed it down to 2 applicants, and both were very qualified.  I flipped a coin and offered the job to the first person, and she accepted.  I emailed the others thanking them for responding to my “cry for help”.

My new hire is working out great, and I like the idea of remote workers.  It does take a special person to be a remote worker, and I think those people are attracted to HireMyMom. There is a lot of talent on HireMyMom, and if you need some assistance with challenging tasks, I suggest that you give it a try.”