In our Job Seeker 101 Course, we’ll share proven tips and resources to significantly increase your chances of getting interviewed AND HIRED!



Course Overview:

Module 1

 How to more strategically apply to jobs on HMM
 Create career goals and an action plan to achieve them
 How to narrow your job search to apply to fewer jobs with more likelihood of getting interviewed and hired

Module 2

 Why cover letters are important and why you must customize
 How to make your cover letter stand out amongst other applicants
 Common mistakes to avoid
 What to write in your cover letter

Module 3

 Tools for formatting your resume
 Why resumes for remote jobs should be formatted differently
 Common mistakes to avoid
 How to demonstrate value you can bring to an employer through your resume

Module 4

 How to nail an interview
 What to research about the company before an interview
 Gain confidence by learning how to anticipate interview questions and prepare answers ahead of time
 Learn about behavioral-based interviewing
 Know what questions YOU should ask in an interview

Module 5

 Learn what you should do after an interview
 How to stay connected with an employer after an interview if you don’t get the job

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