This fall I’m launching my ‘Angelina’s Wellness by Choice: Live Smarter, Healthier and Happier’ two-page insert in O, The Oprah’s Magazine to introduce experts I support to ~500k O Magazine subscribers or ~ 1.5 million readers.

One of the ways I’m using this space is to create the ‘100 Enterprising Women’s Book’ where 100 enterprising women share their story, promote their business/cause/product and impart wisdom for other aspiring and established enterprising women to gleam from.


May: 100 Ladies Registered [need headshot, bio summary, WHY engagement statement]
June: Enterprising Women Interviews
July/August: Content Production Month
August: Digital Book Release
September: October Issue is direct mailed to ~456,155 O Magazine subscribers.
October: Sat. Oct 5th Live streamed launch party in San Antonio. It’s my birthday and I get to honor my two children who have a sacrificed and persevered with their enterprising mom!

If this something you wish more information on contact me.



The mission of Wellness by Choice is to curate introductions between wellness minded individuals and authentic experts, products and service providers who help us live smarter, healthier, happier and longer! Empowering authentic experts, products and providers with greater visibility to reach, teach and impact while reducing the impact of the incompetent and imposters who hurt and confuse consumers on knowing whom to trust.


Believe and support the mission and philosophy of Wellness by Choice. Commit to support authentic individuals during this time in history where incompetent or fake individuals and companies bankroll their marketing as predators who hurt and confuse consumer on whom to trust.