I’m about  to launch a membership community to people who are ready to heal (physically/mentally/emotionally) from the betrayal of a family member/partner/friend/coworker/self. It’ll be on wordpress and access ally so there are lots of details that I need support with:
1-access ally-I have certified coaches who will be teaching daily classes to members and curated experts teaching masterclasses-these classes have to be loaded into the calendar for members
2-I have a podcast: From Betrayal to Breakthrough where I look for guests and I’m also a frequent guest on other people’s podcasts. I need support with finding the right audiences then sending in requests and info once they say yes. I also look for the right coaches to certify so coaching podcasts are great to be on too.
3-My old site, programs and pdf’s that went with programs have outdated links. Lots will forward over but others need to be changed/updated
4-My next book (Trust Again) is being released in Sept/Oct. I’ll also need support with the book launch.
5-Other tasks are a plus-SEO, adding tags to podcast episodes on the new site, marketing, email copy, etc.
Most importantly, I work well with someone who takes initiative, is very responsive, responsible, positive and understands that the betrayal community has had issues with trust (after all, they were betrayed from the person/people they trusted the most). They need lots of TLC, a quick response and authenticity. If this resonates and it’s a group you feel you can serve, I’d love to hear from you. I also have 4 kids, 6 dogs so I appreciate the hard work and juggling that moms do SO well :).


We help people heal (physically/mentally/emotionally) from Post Betrayal Syndrome (it's real, I did the study on it.) June 1st, we're starting our launch of our new membership community that features community, daily classes, certified coaches, curated experts, a charity component, support and everything anyone would need to heal and achieve Post Betrayal Transformation (a specific state of healing unique to betrayal).