Are you an engaging writer? Do you want to use your skills to improve entrepreneurship education for college and university students?

We’re an entrepreneurship education startup producing a curriculum that is growing, but with your help, could grow even faster! There’s a big opportunity here to help young people develop their skills and identify their passions; we’re looking for someone to help us capture the momentum.

We’re looking for someone who can write problem-centric, value-added content for our blog, execute our SEO strategy, assist in our sales process and help organize marketing events like webinars, conference experiences, etc. More specifically:

  • Blog writing / email newsletter publishing
  • Sales funnel follow-ups (helping us follow-up with leads we’ve had 1-on-1 meetings with)
  • Organizing webinars
  • SEO
  • Light video editing (editing long clips into shorter ones)
  • Marketing copy for our landing pages
  • LinkedIn group facilitation
  • Proofreading updates
  • Etc.

Experience isn’t necessary in all of these fields, but a genuine eagerness to learn about them is.

We’re looking to create a long-term working relationship, and can promise consistent, flexible work you can contribute from any location. In fact, our entire team is remote (e.g. San Francisco, Cleveland, Seattle, Turin, Italy). We also have expertise in entrepreneurship, so if you’re looking to start/grow your own business, we can help there too!

We estimate the 10 – 20 hours per week to start, with the potential to increase if you’re interested.

Here’s what we’re looking for from you:

  1. You’ll get to define your own deadlines, but we’ll ask that you consistently hit them without reminders or follow-ups.
  2. Proactive communication. In the event a deadline may slip, we’ll ask for a heads up in advance, before the deadline, so we can adjust our plans accordingly. We’re always happy to collaborate/problem-solve before the fact, especially if doing so can help prevent miscommunications or unmet expectations.
  3. Attention to detail. After we ramp you up, we want to trust the content you produce is customer-ready (no additional proofing required).
  4. A problem-centric approach to marketing. We aim to ensure each interaction we have with our customers (entrepreneurship professors) adds value to them by solving a real problem they are experiencing. We’re looking for someone who takes a similar approach to marketing.

Here’s what we can promise you:

  • Consistent, remote, flexible work
  • An eagerness to help you ramp up and answer any questions you have, whenever you have them
  • Clear, detailed, expectations
  • Autonomy to set your own deadlines
  • Input on our growth strategies/approach
  • Opportunities to challenge yourself and develop new skills
  • A fun, family-oriented, team of hard-working people who are all passionate about improving the educational experience for students, starting with the way entrepreneurship is taught.


To apply, please email justin@teachinge.org, with your resume and answers to the following questions:

  1. Based on the tone/content on our blog – www.TeachingEntrepreneurship.org – can you provide one or two links to specific articles you’ve written that most closely reflect this style? Please, no more than two links, or links to your entire portfolio.
  2. If you have SEO expertise, what SEO tools do you use?
  3. If you have video editing expertise, what video editing software do you use, and do you have any sample videos you can link to?
  4. If you have graphic design expertise (for blog post images), what graphic design software do you use, and do you have any ample graphics you can link to?
  5. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the “most comfortable”), how comfortable are you with each of the following:
    1. Editing HTML
    2. Editing CSS
    3. Editing javascript


For more information about us, check out TeachingEntrepreneurship.org.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Justin Wilcox – Justin@TeachingE.org

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We're changing education from a "listen and regurgitate" model to a fully immersive, experiential one. Starting with university entrepreneurship classes, we're replacing lecture/quiz-based courses with hands-on workshops where students design, launch and test real companies to develop the skills necessary to thrive in an innovation culture.

If you're passionate about education, entrepreneurship and changing the way young people think about serving others, learn more about us at TeachingEntrepreneurship.org.


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