Spring Insight, a small but growing website strategy and marketing firm based in Bethesda, Maryland seeks a copywriter to join our marketing team and assist in writing compelling and informative content for our organization and that of our clients.

This position is a part-time, independent contractor position, with an estimated weekly time commitment of five to ten hours.

For the right, self-motivated candidate, this position could be done virtually anywhere in the United States. While work time is flexible, the position is required to be regularly available for meetings and to conduct work during standard east coast work hours.


  • Work with marketing team to “get into the head” of our clients and understand their desired voice and end client motivation.
  • Participate in the creation of an actionable and strategic marketing calendar promoting client (and Spring Insight) business.
  • Write and edit client content identified in marketing calendar. Content such as, Blog posts, Email blasts, Individual “triggered” email templates, Landing page content, Website pages
  • Work directly with clients (both via meetings and email communications) on the execution and completion of deliverables.
  • Participate in weekly team and monthly team meetings as well as client calls.
  • Monitor and stay on top of multiple client marketing calendars.
  • Keep up with rapidly shifting landscape, priorities, and client needs.
  • Research topics to illustrate points in content.
  • Proofread both your work and that of others before it is distributed.

Desired capabilities

  • Strong marketing experience
  • Willingness and ability to conduct thorough research on a wide variety of topics (including some highly technical) to obtain topic expertise
  • Experience creating marketing copy for clients in highly technical industries such as cyber security or specialty manufacturing.
  • Exceptional writing ability creating content for organizations
  • Ability to prioritize work and manage deadlines
  • Detail oriented, organized, responsive and professional
  • Knowledge of and capability in SEO best practices for blogging
  • Experience with the following tools:
    Microsoft Word and Excel
    A great (and somewhat snarky) sense of humor

If you are interested, send Erika (erika@springinsight.com) an email telling me why you think you would be great for this position and a resume. Generic cover letters and resumes sent without any accompanying letter will be printed and used to make paper airplanes (and not the really good paper airplanes but the sucky ones that don’t fly but just sort of loop and fall.)