We buy and sell land all over the United States. This position would be working on the “Acquisitions” side of our business. Our process goes a little like this…we send mailers to owners of land and offer to buy their property. We are looking for great deals – specifically deals where owners would like to sell their property for less than 50% of market value.


When an owner wants to sell receives a letter from us, they will either pick up the phone and call us, send us a text, or send us an email. The next step is to do some research on their property. This would be where YOU would come in!


This role will be the first point of contact for any new seller leads that come through the pipeline. The purpose of this role is to provide support and initial research/due diligence on the property. After that, the first contact with the seller would be made. It will be this person’s responsibility to determine the feasibility of new opportunities. In this role, you will work closely with the owners of our company to identify new viable opportunities and ensure successful handoff.


Main Responsibilities:

·       Initial Due Diligence (be able to look up a property – look for topography, back taxes, find other comparable sales, understand access to utilities, road access and more. Don’t worry, we will train you in!)

·       Comping and create an opinion on the initial price

·       Make the first contact with new leads (and build a relationship!! Sellers are SO important to our business, we want to make them feel very comfortable)

·       Identify good deals and handoff to Callan or Jon (our founders)

·       Non responsive lead follow up and touch base


Other responsibilities:

·       Reviving old leads

·       Data Management:

o   Creating new folders in Google Drive

o   Format new leads and add notes into our CRM

o   Add deals into our CRM

o   Add new leads to a tool called “google my maps”

o   Analyze deals in “MapRight”

·       Send Neighbor Letters

o   Once we buy a property, we send “neighbor letters” to see if anyone wants to purchase them



+ You MUST be able to speak fluent English, work during US hours, and have impromptu calls with me the same day.

+ I NEED someone who is persistent. A “go-getter!” With our potential sellers, you often have to follow up 10+ times to get the deal done!

+ You MUST be able to take direction and run with it. I can’t answer little questions all day. With that said, I am a great teacher and will equip you with everything you need!

+ You MUST be able to give feedback… What’s working? What’s not? How can we improve our process?

+ You need to be comfortable making phone calls to land sellers. You must be able to confidently deliver a message over the phone and understand you may not get favorable responses


+ You need to be comfortable negotiating – I will handle the large negotiations but small to mid-sized will be your responsibility.


+ You must be reliable. Able to work small amounts most days. If you say you will do something, it must be done.


+ I am looking for someone to manage our intake process for our land business…


+ WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? When someone responds to our marketing efforts wanting to sell us their land, you will be the person in charge of talking with them, getting papers signed, coordinating transactions, and handling internal business tasks


+ Our company is GROWING. A lot. This comes with great opportunity, and also some growing pains. The ideal applicant is excited about working towards challenging goals, and getting a nice bonus when we get there!


+ The ideal applicant will need little to no oversight within 6 weeks of hiring. That being said, my only goal is to support YOU and help YOU make as much money as possible.


+ Work from your computer. Need to speak fluent English and work during US hours. Must be able to meet during the US workday as needed


+ Pay will depend on skill level. Avg. structure is $10/hr while training and $12-15 thereafter

+ Hours depend on marketing response, which fluctuates. Ballpark 5-10 hours a week


+ We offer bonuses for achieving company goals.


+ Good quality work will quickly earn you promotions, better responsibilities, and the ability to be your own boss!


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Our Mission: To find the best deals in land (40-80% of market value) and bring quality parcels of land to market.
Solterra Land was founded by Jon Kattke and Callan Faulkner, two friends with a passion for helping others invest in land and experience the outdoors with loved ones.

With a background as a financial advisor for over 15 years,  Jon became convinced that land is one of the best investments that can be made in today’s economy. It can never be destroyed and of course, increases in value over time (especially today).

Callan has spent a career in technology and has worked virtually for the last 10 years. She is happiest when she’s outdoors, in nature, with family and friends.

Our team is passionate about helping people find the piece of land of their dreams, at an affordable price. Reach out to us at any time if you are looking to learn more about land (even if it’s just to chat!). We can’t wait to meet you.


Excellent Phone Skills, Responsive, Resourceful, Adaptable, CRM