🕵️ We are looking for social media managers.  This job is 100% remote, and you will be paid $15 per post (and not per hour).   A typical post should take you ~15 minutes, plus some initial training.  The posting volume will be divvied up among ~6 individuals to start, as we test the applicants and different strategies, but we will ultimately have 2-3 posters.  During the initial period, you should expect ~5 posts per week.

To start, you will post properties on Facebook Groups and Marketplace, ✋ under your personal Facebook profile, and based on brief “how-to” videos and training that we will share with you.

Thereafter… advancement would include posting properties on Zillow, LandWatch, Remarkable Land, etc., as well as other online platforms plus additional sales and marketing opportunities.

We are investors who (buy and) sell real estate, and initially, this position is supporting our sales efforts.  We are a small team of TWO, plus a few contractors, but we are rapidly growing.  😕 Lest this sound like a too-good-t0-be-true, WFH, MLM 💩 scheme… we are a real estate investment company that is well-capitalized and looking to expand.

Your success (or failure) in this position will be determined by the reliability and quality of your work.  No one gets paid just to show up here; we are a results-driven organization.

If you are interested in copywriting, sales, marketing, direct mail, SEO, and social media … AND FLEXIBLE HOURS…  we would like to talk to you!


  • The ideal candidate is dependable, responsible, self-managing, creative, and willing to experiment and try new things.
  • Prior sales, marketing, copywriting, and SEO experience is preferred but not required.
  • Prior real estate experience would be a plus.

⚠️ How to apply:

  1. Please apply by sending an email to dow@remarkableland.com.
  2. Please send us your resume and any additional information that you think would be relevant to the job (e.g. links, past or current content, copywriting samples, videos, social media handles, etc.).
  4. Please put “Blue 67” in the subject line or body of your email.

Thanks! 🙏

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We (buy and) sell real estate.  We need help selling!


social media, basic computer skills, personal Facebook account, etc.