I’m an academic who also serves as CEO for a small global nonprofit.  I need someone to help keep me on track with email and calendar/scheduling, as life is getting much busier.  Ideally the right person would also have good research and Excel skills so they could assist with identifying and promoting certain information (related to violence against women, race and crime, juvenile delinquency and mental health treatments, first generation college students’ access, gentrification and urban cultures so good if you have an interest in any of those topics).  So, potentially much room to grow, but I’m imagining a couple hours per weekday to start— eg., 2-3 hours Monday – Thursday, though it could be much more if you can follow up and respond to some of the messages.  I’m imagining a $20-25/hr range for a skilled, efficient professional who can take ownership of this endeavor and put a vision to it (so, initially it may be that you make 10-12$/hour, but as you apply efficiency insights, your take-home rate would increase [and I will also pay more and add bonuses for a talented performer who can make themselves a valued part of our team]).  I need someone who can anticipate work flow and create systems and protocols that would help rationalize my schedule and reduce errors (missed email/opportunities/appointments).

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Taking the Safecity.in effort to crowdmap sexual assault and harassment global.  Currently the largest crowdmap of sexual violence on the planet.....let’s keep the map growing so we can create a world where it’s no longer needed.


BA / excellent written communication skills (outstanding grammar/syntax); research skills; a systematic way of thinking— a visionary who intuitively knows how to make things better; Excel skills— especially for analyzing/presenting data