Social Media & Customer Service Coordinator 


  • In this role, you will be involved in all social aspects of the business.
  • I am a one-woman show. I built this company from the ground up and it is now growing to a level that I am requiring help from another super awesome person!  I am looking for a type A, perfectionist who will be able to look at the website and create ways to make it even better. I love to hear ideas, suggestions, anything that you feel is going to grow and improve RSR.
  • Knowledge of GIPHY & sticker creation for the brand on Instagram is a bonus
  • Knowledge of Shopify Apps is a bonus ie; upselling app, a “returns” system app.
  • Knowledge of how to edit Shopify website is preferred
  • Research ways to help lower shipping costs; potentially an app or company such as chit chats, etc…
  • Ability to speak to our environmental efforts…(biodegradable bags, the fact that our rompers are made from bamboo…etc…plus our upcoming rainforest project pertaining to reducing our carbon footprint (future project).
  • Must be able to help build, organize and maintain a daily schedule of tasks for themselves and add that to a scheduling app such as Planoly, Monday or Asana. We will work together on this until we perfect the process and both feel we have created something that works for all.
  • Ability to edit or create new size charts and new drawings is a bonus
  • Answer customer questions, assist with order modifications and politely resolve any customer concerns in a friendly, professional and TIMELY manner in a way that not only pleases the customer but ALSO adheres to our company policy and procedures (found in the footer menu of our website)
  • Run occasional giveaways
  • Strive to quickly learn the ins and outs of our company, the website, and all of its content.
  • Engaging with our active community including buy, sell, trade group on Facebook and Facebook page, Instagram page, helping to establish our Pinterest page.
  • Our ideal candidate is passionate about communications, customer relations, and driving customer experience. We are known for amazing customer service, it is imperative that the person taking on this role hold the same values.
  • Maintain a unified brand voice across different social media channels
  • Schedule all social media calendars & posts (possibly using a post scheduling app like “Later”)
  • Interact with users and respond to social media messages, inquiries, and comments.
  • Interact and moderate Facebook groups
  • Like/Comment on influencers and customers posts daily
  • Assist in the development and management of social media marketing and influencer marketing strategy.
  • Live prep, prepare clothing for Instagram lives for collection drops.
  • Strong multitasking abilities and problem-solving skills
  • Familiarity with Canva, Videoleap, Lightroom, etc. is a bonus
  • Two years minimum experience and social media coordination and customer service experience
  • above-average solid understanding of social media platforms such as Facebook, Facebook groups, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Superior communication skills in written and verbal
  • Photoshop and video editing skills are a bonus
  • Job type:  Part-Time 2-3 hours a day to start
  • Pay: Starting @ $20 USD/hour
  • Benefits: discount after probationary period
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday (can be discussed)
  • References will be required & preference will be given to individuals that have experience with other relatable e-commerce Shopify stores
  • Open to all candidates of Canada & the USA
  • All interviews to be held using the app Zoom
  • Start Date: Immediate
  • Communication method(s) used:  Email, Chat, Telephone, and Text with the employer as needed
  • Work remotely: YES
  • PLEASE SEND RESUME TO: carin77@icloud.com with cover letter. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted, but I thank you very much for all of the interest!


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Our proud Canadian brand, READY SET ROMPER™ was created as much for the parent/caregiver, as it was for the child wearing it. RSR's are not your average romper!  Our patent pending design has a hidden changing panel conveniently located under the (functioning) hoodie pocket.  RSR's are being touted as the next big thing in baby and toddler wear & parents are calling our romper the new must-have!  As a mother myself, that is exactly how I felt when I designed the READY SET ROMPER™.

Here's what is so great about an RSR:

  • Premium bamboo is our staple fabric of choice
    super quick and easy diaper changes that do not require buttons, snaps or zippers. Simply pull down the elasticated panel under the hoodie pocket & gently pull babes legs out- you're good to go!
  • amazing adaptive wear!  The feedback received from the feeding-tube community has been astounding!
  • no more "sniff tests" you can now easily "check" the diaper situation using the hidden elasticated opening
  • keeps babe warm & covered during diaper changes because the top portion of your child remains fully covered and secure.  Warm baby = happy baby!
  • easy on/easy off with the stretchy neckline allowing both potty training boys and girls washroom time access
  • potty training boys are able to use the washroom standing up WITHOUT having to remove ANY part of the romper...simply use the under hoodie pocket opening for successful potty trips!  High 5 little man!
  • skin to skin contact- slip your hand up though the under pocket opening and onto babes chest during cuddles or feeding time for some extra skin to skin contact.  SO good for babe AND for you
  • fold over hands and feet on our 0-6 M and 6-12 M sizes!  Cover babies hands and prevent those precious faces from being scratched.  Say goodbye to baby mittens, you will no longer need them!
  • extra long arm and leg cuffs because we know kids grow SO FAST!  RSR's are strategically designed to last longer than your average romper.  Simply unfold the cuffs on the legs and arms and you've got a romper that lasts throughout growth spurts.
  • Watch "how it works" to see how time saved with a READY SET ROMPER™ adds up.  Say goodbye to fussy buttons, snaps and zips and take some of that extra time just for YOU!  Every new parent and potty training parent needs an RSR-  It's a romper that serves up fashion AND purpose! IT'S A GAME CHANGER!


Every Ready Set Romper™ purchased provides to a "Mama Pack" for expecting mothers in Uganda, Africa through our give-back program with The Tekera Resource Center and the Maternity Pack Program.


Knowledge of Shopify websites is necessary. Passionate about customer relations and building a brand based on values. MUST be a team player that is passionate about helping to grow Ready Set Romper™. Ideal candidate is a quick learner and a self-starter. Motivated to passionately assist in growing the brand. Must be highly professional, friendly and have a positive attitude. Is able to apply deductive reasoning to new issues based on past instruction. The ability to ask for help when needed; this is a team! Is prepared to handle a constant flow of email/messages from customers and team members at times of high volume such as new collection drops or during sales. MUST become familiar with our product, its patent pending feature and any future products. Familiarity with RSR‘s Give Back program located in Uganda, Africa.