We promise you haven’t worked with anyone like us before.  We are a Toronto based Baby Brand that is in the forefront of online commerce. We are currently selling 400+ baby items everyday directly to customers. We are obsessed with building an extraordinary community around our brand and we are poised for rapid and aggressive global expansion.

10% of our profits go to our Ashtonbee Fund – our own initiative where our team members bootstrap the most efficient ways to feed/clothe/shelter parentless children from third-world countries like the Philippines.

We hire highly resourceful individuals who have a strong drive and growth mindset. Our culture is very collaborative, friendly and flexible.

Our company isn’t just about profits, it’s built around community. That doesn’t just mean that we offer unlimited vacation time, fitness stipends, truly flexible hours, profit sharing and career development resources. We also want you to enjoy what you do best and we give you the autonomy and support to do it in a way that works for everyone – our customers, the company and you.


We are looking for the Face of Ashtonbee. You will be the voice (and face) of our brand. You will grow and lead our community of fans through social media channels (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and email). Your day-to-day responsibilities will shift and grow but it will include the following:

– Regularly post Facebook live videos and Instagram stories to communicate with our fans

– Brainstorming, filming and editing self-shot videos for our Youtube channel

– Posting on Facebook and communicating with our fans using email and other social media platforms

Here are some of the things that we are looking for:


You will be filming yourself on a daily basis for live Facebook streaming and Instagram stories. You have to be willing and happy to film yourself while washing the dishes and talking to the camera in a conversational tone. If you are shy and don’t like to be in front of a camera, this position is NOT for you.


You are passionate about connecting with other moms like yourself – figuring out what are their pain points and helping them in any way we can. You need to have an innate desire to connect and add value to the lives of people you interact with. If you are not a people person, this position is NOT for you.


We don’t motivate our team members ever, because we expect them to be already highly motivated. We also do not like micro-managing people. We will be here for you at all times and we have specialized members who will supply you with what you need/want (example: we have full time web-developers, designers, customer service staff etc..), BUT you will still need to be on top of them. They would be working for you and supplying you with whatever you ask. But this means that at the end of the day, you are still responsible for your role. You need to be okay with this responsibility and own this role.


You will be responsible for writing emails, titles (for videos), Facebook posts etc.. Although we do have support staff who does copy-writing, you will still be the main person writing the written content in our website and social media platforms. Creativity would be crucial too, because you will be the main driving force for creating video content for our brand (You will definitely have the freedom and the budget to hire other faces etc)


Ideally, you are a mom with a newborn or an infant, but if your kids are already grown up, that’s also OK 🙂 The main thing is that you are a mom – because we feel only moms can really understand what it is like to be a mom.

This is a full-time but the hours are extremely flexible. If you choose to take on this job, you have the freedom and flexibility to work most of these hours from home (no more commuting during rush hour and you can work while taking care of your young ones!). You will still be required to come into the office approximately twice a week. Some of the videos you will create will be shot at your own home, while you are making lunch/breakfast, running errands etc or playing with your little one.

*Applicants must complete our secondary application below to be considered*


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