We’re a small business looking for hourly / part-time help from a US-based person.

We buy & sell real estate in rural areas throughout the US.

From day one, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more based on negotiating a reduced purchase price from the property seller.

Main Responsibilities Include:

  • Managing the property intake process from initial discussion to negotiation to purchase
  • Contacting prospective sellers as they reach out to us
  • Requesting due diligence and title reports when appropriate
  • Negotiating based on property characteristics and need
  • Documenting information in our systems (Airtable, LGPass)

Requirements for this position:

  • Access to stable, high-speed internet
  • Access to US based phone number (you will need to provide your own; google voice okay)
  • Computer access

This position would be on as needed basis. Some weeks you would work 2-5 hours others it could be significantly less. Work needs to be completed in a timely manner (response to prospective on same day basis except for weekends)

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We are a small real estate investment firm that buys and sells undeveloped land across the United States. We market on land listing websites such as Land.com to generate leads.


Punctual Organized Aggressive Good listener Great with following up