We’re seeking a part-time E-Commerce Packaging Assistant to join our small, growing team as we continue to expand our two DIY craft brands. As a member of our fully remote team, you’ll be able to work from the comfort of your own home and build your own schedule with whatever days and hours work best for you. This is basic work that often doesn’t require a lot of brain-power, just efficiency, and organization. It’s perfect to do while listening to an audiobook, music, or even while watching your kids.

About Us

  • We’re a fully remote, American, female-owned e-commerce company with two do-it-yourself craft brands: “I Like That Lamp” and “Makely”. We sell a variety of DIY kits and craft supplies for making handmade home + wedding decor and stationery.
  • I Like That Lamp was established in 2012, and exclusively sold kits and supplies for making handmade lamps and lampshades. We grew our product catalog over the next 5 years and officially launched “Makely” in 2019 to represent our non-lighting product categories.
  • All of our craft kits are beginner-friendly and designed to encourage beginner makers, while our supplies support more experienced crafters. We currently sell our products in the US through Amazon (primary), Walmart, Etsy, and our own Shopify-based website.

  • Hours: Approximately 40-60 hours/month (an average of 10-15 hours/week).
  • Location: This position can be done from anywhere in the contiguous United States.
  • Time Zone: Work can be completed any day of the week, on any schedule. Want to only work after your kids have gone to bed, or at 2 AM when you have insomnia? Totally fine! As long as the monthly orders are completed and sent by the deadline, you can set your own hours.


Required Skills

  • Excellent attention to detail is paramount
  • Efficient and highly organized
  • Computer skills – experience with Excel/Google Sheets (filters and basic formulas)
  • Self-motivated
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines
  • Reliable and trustworthy


Scope of Work

This position involves the following tasks:
1. Packaging individual craft kits and materials (70% of your time)
2. Adding multiple units & kits to large boxes, sealing them, and affixing the correct shipping label (10%)
3. Creating shipment plans via Amazon’s computer system (ie: entering the dimensions & weight of a box, entering the number of units being shipped, downloading shipping labels) (5%)
4. Receiving customer returns, inspecting them for quality, and repackaging them as needed (5%)
5. Printing barcode and shipping labels on approximately 50-75 sheets of paper/month (5%)
6. Various online computer work, including reading and entering information into a shared spreadsheet, ordering supplies (such as boxes and tape) from online retailers, scheduling shipping courier pick-ups, and uploading receipts and invoices to Google drive. (5%)

The 3 most common products you’ll be packaging are:
1. Styrene: a plastic material used for making DIY lampshades
2. Macrame kits: craft kits that teach beginners how to make macrame wall hangings and/or plant hangers
3. Clip adapters: a lightbulb attachment for adding a lampshade to a lamp.

-You’ll have two shipments to prepare each month, which are typically spaced two weeks apart. You’ll receive all necessary shipment information at least three weeks before the shipment date, and you’ll typically have 6-10 to package everything after receiving all supplies.

-The number of units to process each month will vary throughout the year. During our slower months (February-June), you can expect to package 750-1500 units/month. During our busiest months (September – December), you can expect to package 2000-3000 units/month.

Packaging Process Overview

To give you an idea of our packaging process, below is an overview of the key steps involved with packaging one of our products, and other tasks you can expect.

Packaging process overview for a roll of plastic material:

  1. Cut required length of plastic from a roll using a rotary cutter
  2. Roll tightly into a 2” cylinder
  3. Wrap roll in tissue paper & apply sticker to secure
  4. Place in a polybag (clear plastic bag)
  5. Add package insert to polybag
  6. Apply barcode
  7. Add to master carton or Kit as required

Sample tasks for packaging other products:

  • Filling small plastic bottles with water-based glue, placing them in plastic bags, and sealing them
  • Adding small wooden beads (or other components) to little plastic bags and sealing them
  • Adding a sticker barcode label to a plastic bag
  • Assembling a corrugated cardboard box and attaching a branded sticker label

Space & Material Requirements

  • To package our products each month, you’ll need a workspace of roughly 100-150 square feet in order to keep everything organized and maintain a high level of quality.
  • You’ll need an additional 100-150 square feet to store the inventory & various packaging materials, such as corrugated shipping boxes, plastic packaging bags, and paper. If you don’t have this amount of space available in your home, we can rent a personal storage unit for you nearby your home. (Please note: for quality control purposes, we require a photo of your proposed workspace as part of our screening process.)
  • You will need a clean, sturdy table that’s a minimum of 60 inches in length, and a few feet wide. This is mandatory in order to package our products safely and efficiently.
  • Other than a table, we’ll provide you with all of the equipment and material needed to complete this work, including a black and white printer, work gloves, a rotary cutter and more.
  • You’ll be expected to print 50-75 sheets of paper each month.
  • At any time, you will have several hundred gift boxes, tissue paper, labels, rolls of plastic material, and other components in your workspace. You must be highly organized with the space in order to maximize your efficiency.
  • We require a non-smoking home.

Payment Structure

  • You’ll be paid monthly.
  • For packaging products, you’ll be paid on a per-unit-packed basis. Based on our 3 main products, on average this will equate to $20 – $24/hr.
  • For administrative work, you’ll be paid $15/hour. On average, you’ll spend 5-6 hours/month doing administrative work (such as scheduling pickups, downloading pack lists, entering weights & sizes of boxes, and printing shipping labels).
  • We guarantee a minimum payment of $750/month so you will always receive a monthly payment, even if there are fewer products to package in a given month.
  • Order volume may increase significantly during holidays or ahead of promotional sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day. Around these times of the year, there will be more units to package which means you’ll get paid more.
  • The current contractor’s monthly payment has averaged $1950/month for the past 6 monthsListed below are the per-unit-packed payments for three popular products, as well as the average processing time for each one:

    Sample Product A:

    • Average time to process 1 unit: 4 minutes
    • Payment per unit processed: $1.50
    • Average hourly wage: $22.50

    Sample Product B:

    • Average time to process 1 unit: 5 minutes
    • Payment per unit processed: $2
    • Average hourly wage: $24

    Sample Product C:

    • Average time to process 1 unit: 3 minutes
    • Payment per unit processed: $1
    • Average hourly wage: $20

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) What if it takes me longer to do the packaging than the average?

    The average packing time is based on our current Fulfilment Assistant’s processing time. You will likely become more quick and efficient at the process over time.

    2) Are there any opportunities to grow within the company and make more money?

    Yes, we may add new products to our assortment which we’ll need your help packaging. We’ll determine a fair per-unit price for new products at the time.

    We may also have additional projects to bring you in on as the company grows. Depending on your interests & skill set, these could be related to administrative, marketing, and/or customer service work.

    3) What if there are too many orders for me to fulfill or I want to go on vacation?
    No problem. You’ll be given advance notice of the required units to be filled so you can organize your time. If the order size is too big for you to handle, you are welcome to enlist the help of friends/neighbors/kids and pass on some or all of your fulfillment payment to them.

    If you’re planning a vacation, just let us know in advance and we’ll structure the fulfillment order around your schedule.

    4) Is there a minimum time commitment?

    Due to the expense of having all of our materials shipped to you, we require a minimum time commitment of 6 months. This is also beneficial to you because you’ll become more efficient with the packaging process over time, thus packaging more units/hour and earning a higher hourly wage.


    How to Apply

    Please email the following items to apply:

    • Your resume
    • A few sentences explaining why you’re a great fit for the job & why it’s of interest to you
    • A photo of your proposed workspace (photo doesn’t need to be fancy or high quality)
    • Three references (we’ll notify you before we reach out to them)
    • Please make the email subject: “Application for Packaging Specialist Position”

      We hope to hear from you soon!

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