Job Summary: 

  • In this role, you’ll have the unique opportunity to significantly impact a small business with your record-keeping and analysis skills, and have the autonomy to choose when, how, and where the work is done. We expect this role to require 15-25 hours per week.
  • This role will be eligible for our company profit-sharing plan, where a portion of company profits are distributed twice per year our targets are met. This means you’ll be a key part of the team who’s focused on growing the business and maintaining profits – and you’ll be rewarded for it.


Hours, Location & Time Zone: 

  • Part-Time Hours: Approximately 15-25 hours/week (higher during initial training, and over the holidays)
  • Any Location: This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Work can be completed any day of the week, on any schedule. If you prefer to work once your kids have gone to bed, that’s perfectly fine. As long as your work is completed before the deadline, you’ll have a lot of freedom in creating your schedule.


This position will be accountable for:

  • Monthly bookkeeping reconciliation & reporting
  • Year-end statements (twice per year)
  • Maintaining other financial records and obligations (e.g. sales tax, 1099 statements)
  • Inventory in-stock rate (legacy products)
  • Product-level gross profit margin for legacy products


Supply Chain Responsibilities: 

  • Forecast monthly inventory demand for 175+ SKUs
  • Maintain timely and accurate ordering of all supplies to meet monthly in-stock inventory rates
  • Accurately allocate enough inventory for each sales channel, and distribute between fulfillment partners
  • Maintain relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, packaging vendors, 3PL partners, and shipping partners to preserve superior communication and service levels
  • Own all aspects of supplier/manufacturer performance, from order accuracy to on-time delivery
  • Review inventory shipments to and from fulfillment centers to ensure accuracy, identifying errors and discrepancies as they arise, and coordinating corrective actions (ie: performing inventory reconciliations or liaising with supplier)
  • Maintain product-level profitability by adjusting retail prices as needed, optimizing month-to-month storage volume, ensuring fulfillment fee accuracy, and negotiating with suppliers/manufacturers
  • Provide data-driven recommendations on products to discontinue based on profitability
  • Review monthly in-stock inventory and sales reports to identify overstocked/obsolete inventory, and execute an appropriate course of action to mitigate excess storage fees
  • Track and report on KPIs, including in-stock inventory rates and monthly storage costs
  • Develop processes and workflows to improve existing SOPs and support growth

***Expected time commitment: 20-30 hours per month (higher in the beginning as you’re getting trained)


Bookkeeping & Reporting Responsibilities:

  • Monthly – Maintain all relevant financial bookkeeping including reconciling transactions at the item-level and order-level. Software used: Xero and A2X. These systems are already set up and managed by an outside bookkeeping firm that will be available for transition support.
  • 6-monthly – Prepare year-end, CPA-ready financial statements. Correspond with accountants.
  • Maintain receipts, invoice, and company records
  • Product economics: Calculate and maintain the cost of goods sold. Monitor raw material and other COGS price trends, and update cost of goods sold and profitability data as needed.  Since this role is accountable for COGS for legacy product assortment, you’ll be expected to investigate profitability divergences and opportunities for improvement
  • Analysis & reporting: Work with an outside virtual CFO to build robust data insights reports to help support financial decision-making. Contribute to budget planning and new product development models.
  • Perform misc. reviews and analysis to provide business insights and respond to inquiries from the management team, as needed

***The expected time commitment for bookkeeping and analysis: 10-20 hours per week

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We’re a fully remote, American, female-owned e-commerce company with two do-it-yourself craft brands: “I Like That Lamp” and “Makely”. We sell a variety of DIY kits and craft supplies for making handmade home and wedding decor, & stationery.  I Like That Lamp was established in 2012, and exclusively sold kits and supplies for making handmade lamps and lampshades. We grew our product catalog over the next 5 years, and officially launched "Makely" in 2019 to represent our non-lighting product categories.

All of our craft kits are beginner-friendly and designed to encourage beginner makers, while our raw craft supplies support all levels of crafting experience. We currently sell our products in the US through Amazon (primary), Walmart, Etsy, and our own Shopify-based website.

You can learn more about our brand at makely.shop

This role will be eligible for our company profit-sharing plan, where a portion of company profits are distributed twice per year our targets are met. This means you’ll be a key part of the team who’s focused on growing the business and maintaining profits - and you’ll be rewarded for it.


  • 3+ years bookkeeping experience
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Critical/analytical thinking and problem solving skills, including:
    -An ability to identify complex patterns, compile and analyze data, and draw meaningful conclusions
    -Experience building financial models will be highly regarded
  • Personal organization
  • Resourcefulness: willing and able to work in a self-directed manner
  • Great written and oral communication skills
  • Experience in ecommerce or retail industry is not required, but would be highly regarded