You have the opportunity to work from home as an online customer service representative for a successful and stable internet health and fitness company.

Do you have the experience to answer customer emails, process refunds, place orders and ensure customer happiness and satisfaction at all times? If so, this may be the job for you!

We are looking for someone who is comfortable using various platforms and communication methods to speak to not only our customers but our team as well.

You must have the availability to answer customer support tickets daily Monday – Friday for approximately 1 – 3 hours a day. *Hours will vary daily based on demand*

We expect this to be a long-term commitment for any applicants so please take that into consideration when applying.

Along with your resume and cover letter submission please submit a written email example of how you would answer the following customer inquiries as if you were hired as a representative for our company.

Write responses to the following three inquiries the way you would write your response directly to the customer. We are looking to get a feel for your written tone, etiquette, and personality. Do not worry about knowing the exact policies to follow, this exercise is more about personality and demeanor.

[John Smith – “I received my product but have not found it to be helpful and would like a full refund immediately.”]

HINT: We offer every customer full refunds minus shipping and handling if they have already received their product in the mail.

[Sue Patterson – “I am going to go to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint about your team not responding to me fast enough”]

HINT: We always want to make customers happy. A complaint to the BBB can be very detrimental to our business. We will always respond to the complaint, the customer, and offer them a refund for their inconvenience.

[Sally Fields – “I never received my order and it’s been two weeks now!”]

HINT: We offer every customer a replacement order for FREE if their order never makes it to their doorstep.

In your cover letter, please include the following information:

What computer systems, dashboards, email systems, or other platforms have you worked within?
What is your WPM typing score?
What days/hours are you available to work?

Please attach your resume, cover letter, and answers to the example customer inquiries in an Upwork message and I’ll be in touch!

Looking forward to working together.

Customer Support Manager