My name is Drew and I own a few small businesses in the real estate space. All three businesses are highly profitable and move at a fast pace. In addition to these businesses, I also serve in the Army Reserve.

The first business flips inexpensive parcels of land in rural areas. This business has three employees and they run 80% of the day-to-day.

The second business is a funding company that funds more expensive land flips. This business is only me, but there is a sister business that I work with on a daily basis.

The third business is me doing subdivide deals in Texas. All three businesses are solely focused on vacant land.

I also co-host a land podcast and I plan small land conferences. The last event was in South Korea and the next event is in Puerto Rico. These two things don’t pay me much money but they pay me in connections and credibility.

I also just founded a non-profit where I want to take veterans to Bethel conferences where they’ll get emotional healing from trauma.


I often receive a couple hundred emails per day. I receive 50-70 texts per day.

As you can see, I am completely overwhelmed and I am looking for someone to learn every part of my life. Not only am I looking for help with my email and text inbox, but I’m also looking for someone to help me with managing my calendar. I’m even looking for someone that will order birthday gifts for my wife/kids or make restaurant/travel reservations. I’m even looking for this person to make calls on my behalf. One example would be calling the county and seeing what their regulations are regarding road frontage requirements for building a structure. Essentially I’m looking for someone to be my clone. Your job will be to make my life more efficient, to remove clutter, and to take lower priority tasks off my plate so that I can focus on big vision stuff. There will be days where there are 10 things that Drew needs to do, and I’ll have you do 7 of them and I’ll keep the most important 3 for myself.

Your job will be to take what’s in my brain and make it organized. You’ll help keep me on track and you’ll give me daily summaries of what’s most important that day. I expect you’ll start off working 8-20 hours per week. I have no idea what kind of skeletons you’ll find as you start to dig into my emails, unfinished tasks, and my 300 line to-do list that keeps growing. I’m open to salary if it becomes clear that tracking your hours is difficult. I am in my mid thirties and I will be running businesses the rest of my life, so I am looking for someone that will stay with me for many years.

My values: faith, family, fitness, freedom, firearms, and finances.

I care less about your background and I care more about your ability to learn tasks on your own. I will tell you to do things you don’t know how to do and you will need to figure it out. I care that you are proactive and make decisions on your own. I don’t want a clone that is a sheep. I expect loyalty but I also expect you to solve problems without me knowing they exist. Decision fatigue is a real thing and I don’t need another person in my life coming to me with problems. I need someone that brings solutions. I don’t expect you to solve all my problems but I do expect you to shoulder some of the chaos and make my life more organized.

If interested in applying, send me your resume along with a fun fact about yourself. I also want to know what stage of life you are in. At the end of your email/application, write your favorite color (attention to detail test). The general process will be: resume review, phone interview, personality and aptitude tests, another round of phone interviews, and then a hiring decision.

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Make sure you like me as a person. Otherwise you will not enjoy this role: