I’m in search of an assistant who can build funnels (in click funnels) and assist with other small tasks on my website.


  • Proficient in ClickFunnels
  • Comfortable in WordPress
  • Good with DIVI Theme/Builder

Preferred Personal Beliefs (because I feel you work better if you align well with the work)

  • Conservative Christian (some of what you might do is edit Digital Bible Studies, etc…)
  • Pro Gun (We hunt & Write about self-sufficiency)

Learning ClickFunnels is consuming way too much of my time! Therefore, I am in search of someone who is proficient in ClickFunnels that can work by the funnel or by the hour as needed.

I expect this to become a long term VA position, or retained monthly position of some kind.

Estimate: 10-30 hours per month.

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