I am looking for a detail-oriented person who has the availability to work part time, the schedule will be flexible on any North American time zones.

Initially this position will be to carry out research on targeted prospects and creating a few, personalized sentences about the prospect to add to our outreach messaging.

If the position is a good fit, we would consider full time.

If you have small children that stay home with you all the time, this won’t be a good fit. You will need to be able to concentrate and do exceptional work. As we all know. Our children need lots of love and attention.

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We are a Consulting Firm Based in Downtown Oklahoma City  who work with Medium to Large Business clients and different B2B agencies for the betterment of their businesses success through performance marketing strategies, coaching and systems.

We take a transparent approach and team oriented approach to help our clients and our own team flourish.



Must have attention to detail while researching on Google / LinkedIn, Creative thinking skills, Detail orientated, Top level communication with team, Understanding of XLS or Google Docs & Sheets. Familiar with Linkedin. If you have creative writing skills that is a huge Plus. We are looking for some one that can give us our target of 100 Personal lines per week. We want someone that has good internet connection and laptop that is reliable. We want to have a team player that wants to help us help businesses grow and create more jobs for families all over. We also want a self driven person that takes charge of their day and knows how to get the job done on time.