Do you know how to write with a professional tone? If so, we may have a long-term position for you.

We are a young and growing company that does Internet marketing for dentists across North America. After a training period, our writing positions pay from $20 to $30 per hour (in some cases more) and have the prospect of long-term steady employment of from 10 hours/week up to full-time.

There is a long learning curve of training for our writers. You need to learn quite a bit about dentistry. We also train you in our marketing philosophy along with some basic SEO skills.


We do websites and other digital marketing for dentists. Our clients tend to be high-end dentists and in some cases famous cosmetic dentists. Check out our website for more details about us.


1. Your writing must be clear and accurate and convey a feeling of warmth, professionalism, and trustworthiness.

2. Our writing is done on a WordPress platform, which is easy to learn if you're not familiar with it.

3. For you to be considered, we will need to see writing samples. Either provide links to your writing or send actual samples.