We are a cloud based accounting firm located in Denver Colorado but serving small business owners nationwide with accounting, tax, and consulting work. Our ideal candidate is someone with experience working in a professional office environment (law firm, medical office, or accounting firm) and naturally gifted and organized as an administrator. This role is fully remote.

This role is primarily a point person for our accounting and tax projects, so an understanding of small business terminology, tax or accounting terms is preferred. When we onboard a client this person will maintain the client database, schedule work flows, coordinate with the business manager to schedule the work with one of our accountants, assist the client with missing items that are needed by the preparation team, facilitate final review, sign-offs from clients and posting of documents in an organized work flow.

This role will also have secondary responsibilities in the administrative functions of our office: systems writing and updating, updating powers of attorney documents, managing our firm communications (phone, email, etc), and updating our systems. In addition, we will train this role on our bookkeeping, sales tax filing, and payroll work flows.

Tagged as: accounting administrator, client excellence coordinator, office manager

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We are a cloud based accounting firm that serves the small business community with back office support systems, accounting, tax, and payroll services. Our mission is to help small businesses to grow in profits and grow in generosity. We facilitate that by offering great service, reducing taxes, and supporting their success with solid compliance and advisory.


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