Assist with synthesizing and writing a report based on a recent market research study. Opportunity for additional projects


GrannisGroup is a consulting firm that specializes in helping sales teams execute on new product launches. GrannisGroup is especially focused on teaching product managers how to train salespeople on their new and existing products. There is a big communication gap between sales and product management. GrannisGroup helps close that gap.


The ideal candidate would: - Excel at business writing - Have impeccable grammar - Be familiar with market research - Have worked in or around salespeople, product managers, product marketing managers, and marketing - Be a clear thinker and communicator - Be able to synthesize and distill content from a variety of sources, including an overly-detailed report from the market research firm, transcripts of presentations, PowerPoint presentations, graphs, and notes from the thought leader. - Know how to incorporate visuals and graphs into the final document