Social media is very important for business! It’s a place to share your knowledge, business doings, and much more. It’s well known that you shouldn’t spend most of your time on social media in “sales mode,” but how do you post graphics that still get attention?

If you’re not sure where to start, read below for some tips for social media graphics that stand out and engage your audience.

Watch the text

When you’re choosing text, make sure it’s easy to read! Script fonts can be okay, but use them sparingly. The goal is for your information to be read, and your audience will get frustrated by overly fancy fonts. Make sure the font is large enough to read as well, so that readers can comfortably see the text at a distance. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that there’s not an excessive amount of copy.

Most graphics programs will have a number of fonts to choose from, such as  This is an easy-to-use graphics program that you can pick up in just a few minutes. It’s free to use, and they feature many fonts, colors, photos, and more.

Lastly, you can create graphics of the right size in Canva.  They feature layouts (with correct sizing) for Facebook event covers, blog posts, social media posts, posters, and so on.  This way, you’re designing with the correct proportions.

Use the right colors

Whether it’s too many colors or colors that simply don’t jive together, be careful with color! Canva event put together a helpful article that provides color combinations that work.

Sometimes you’ll want a natural vibe, or a more modern pop vibe, and this can help you with that! You can also get inspiration from magazines, nature, and art - just be sure that you’re checking the balance of color, brightness, and mood of the post.

Pick an image

Your image can make or break your graphic! Although images are very important, they must be sourced legally.  Make sure you’re utilizing a paid membership site such as Adobe Stock, or get free images on sites such as Pexels or Pixabay.  Whichever site you use that’s free, make sure your images are royalty free for your use.

Once you’ve found a site or two for graphics, choose the right one.  Make sure it’s making an impact and giving off the right vibe. If you’re going to write over an image, make sure the image and text color is contrasting enough, or pick an image with enough negative space for text.

Make it shareable

Once you create your image, share it! You can do this on your business or personal page, and have your employees do the same. If you’re posting images to your blog or on other websites, make sure you have a social media “share” bar involved, so the graphic can go to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest easily.

The more eye-catching, helpful, and relevant your image is, the more likely it is to be shared.  More shares = more business and recognition!

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5 Ideas for Social Media Posts

We all know we need to be on social media for our businesses, but what do we post?  It can be tough to come up with content ideas to keep your page fresh.  Consistency is a big component of doing social media well, so having some options is great idea.

Read along for some of our best tips to creating a variety of types of social media posts.

Use snippets

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you post! All of those blog posts you write? You can cut those into tips and bite-sized pieces of information for your social media posts.

You can include snippets that include: the benefits of your service, one tip out of a list from your blog posts, or industry information that you can put into “fun facts” or “statistic” kind of posts.  Just be sure to cite your sources!

Tips and advice

Become the expert in your field.  Not only does this make you look very knowledgeable, but it provides content on your social pages. Just as we mentioned above, you can create tips and advice in your blog posts and share that information on social media.

If you don’t write a blog, or don’t include many tips in your blog, you can put tips into a nice graphic format and post them.  Everyone likes small bits of information that they can read and share, and it shows that you’re willing to provide value to your readers.

Syndicate information

You can use relevant outside information for your posts, as long as you cite sources and/or link back to the website where you found them.

You can quote statistics, link to blog posts, or relevant industry websites that may provide information that your audience is interested in.  You don’t need to have all the answers, but you can fill in the gaps with information from other trusted sources.  As always, remember to note that you’re sharing information, give proper credit, and don’t pass it off as your own work.

Ask your audience

Ask questions! Polls are always fun, and if you’re unsure about a product or service offering, what better way to find out than to ask current or prospective clients?

You could even do a fun hashtag, such as “AskAQuestionWednesday where you pose a different question each week.  Make this fun! You can do drawings once in a while for something small, or for a 30 minute offering of your service for one lucky entry.

It’s important to note that while posing questions is a great start, you have to gain participation.  Offering something small once in a while is a great way to generate interest!

Be inspirational

Anything that is “feel good” is always welcome on social media.  Whether it’s quotes, raving testimonials and reviews, or inspiring stories, people like to read positive information.

Give them a beautifully designed graphic quote to start their day, or share a story about someone overcoming something extraordinary.  You should stick to industry posting most of the time, but it never hurts to branch out and reach more people by sharing useful, happy content as well.

Success on social media isn’t far away! Use content that you’ve already worked hard to create, utilize outside content to share with readers, and use some positive, motivational content to inspire your readers.

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Facebook business pages are almost a necessity if you own any type of business.  If you’re not super social media savvy, you might have a lot of questions.  What should I be posting? How often? Should I just constantly push my products and services?

There are many ways to be successful online, but there are some things you can do to create a valuable presence on your Facebook business page.

Be consistent

If you’re going to have a Facebook business page, you need to be consistent in posting! It doesn’t mean you have to post daily, but it means you have to stay on a normal posting schedule.

If you know you can’t post daily, don’t post daily; this isn’t necessary. If you know you can commit to 2-3 times per week, go for it.  It’s whatever you can do to provide quality content on a consistent basis that matters.

Don’t sell

This might be counterintuitive, but you should refrain from selling most of the time.  Your Facebook business page should be a place where you show your expert status and provide valuable and inspiring information.

While it’s fine to mention your products and services once in awhile, it shouldn’t be the main focus of your posts.

Show your human side

Your business page should be kept professional, but not always business related.  Which means, it’s fun to show some behind the scenes items and share a bit about yourself.

Obviously, this depends on the type of business you’re in, but especially if you’re a small business, people want to know YOU.  People do business with those they know, like and trust, so it’s fine to share some personal details or the behind the scenes parts of your business.

Be valuable

After all of this, what should you be posting?  Anything valuable! What does your audience want to know about? Establish yourself as the expert.  Share fun information, helpful information, tips and advice that can be actionable for your readers.

When you provide value, stay away from selling most of the time, and develop a consistent presence, your page will begin to grow, leading to greater exposure for your business.

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5 Tips for Instagram for Business

As Instagram continues to be one of the biggest players in social media, it only makes sense that you’d use it for business.  According to, 6 in 10 adults have Instagram accounts, while there are 15 million registered businesses using Instagram business profiles.

It’s an important place to be, and there are many things you can do to improve your presence on the platform to reach more people and share your knowledge.

Use Stories

We’ve all heard of Instagram Stories by now, which is Instagram’s answer to Snapchat.  According to Techcrunch, Instagram Stories are now doing better than Snapchat, with Instagram Stories at 250 million daily users compared to Snapchat's 166 million.

Stories are a way to share behind the scenes content, everyday life, and more of a personal look at yourself and your business.  People do business with those they know, like, and trust, and stories are a fun, unfiltered way to show this off.  Give your followers a day in the life of your business, show them your favorite things, or some of your top tips and tools in doing business.  If you have employees, allow them access to post about their days in the business as well.

Another great thing about Stories is that it keeps you at the top of the page as you post content, so you stay on the minds of your customers and prospects.

Connect with Others

It’s great to utilize Instagram for posting, but it’s also important to interact with others! Take some time everyday to seek out other users and posts, adding thoughtful likes and comments as you see fit.

Go outside of your industry as well, since you’re more likely to find customers this way.  You can simply spend 10 minutes per day liking, following, and building up network on Instagram; this will make a big difference in your follower count and engagement.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are important ways to be found on Instagram.  You can - and should - use hashtags on your own Instagram Stories and Instagram posts, but you can also use them to find others.

In your own posts, it’s best to post your normal post and caption, then include hashtags in a separate comment.  You can use up to 30 hashtags, and they should be a mix of generic tags (i.e. “#success”), more specific tags (“#hiremymom”), and location-based terms.  Location-based tags (i.e. “#palmbeacheventplanner”) are especially important if your business is local or brick and mortar.

Search hashtags daily to find others that are posting similar things to you, or seeking your services.  Offering a simple like or comment can lead them back to your profile, increasing the likelihood of a connection - or a sale.

Be Consistent

As with all social media sites, consistency is king!  Think beyond business posts too - your audience wants to get to know you.  Participate in #FollowFriday, a fun Friday event on Instagram where you introduce yourself to your followers.  You can include little-known facts and other information about how you got your start in business.  These types of posts keep you relevant while providing content.

Do your best to post on a consistent schedule in a way that’s feasible for you and your schedule.

Keep an Eye on Quality

Instagram is still a visual platform, so quality photos are a must on your main Instagram feed.  Instagram Stories can be much more informal, but do your best to edit your regular photos to be as nice as possible.

People like to look at beautiful images, so do your best to keep your feed looking good.  Also, the top 9 images on your Instagram feed are the most viewed, so always ensure that they’re reflecting you, your business, and your brand as well as possible.  

To succeed as a business on Instagram, include some items that aren’t simply business, connect with your audience, and be consistent!

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We all know how important it is to have an online presence - especially on social media.  It’s a place where we can share information, tell others about our businesses, and hopefully make some sales.

Unfortunately, a lot of business owners utilize their pages incorrectly, and don’t post content that intrigues the reader to build a relationship.  Today, we’re sharing tips to build your page, keep consistently posting content, and eventually - make that sale!


When readers come to your page, they’re likely somewhat interested in you and/or your product or service.  They want to know that you’re an expert, and that you know what you’re talking about.  Make this easy for them!

Use your page to post thought-provoking, valuable content that answers their most burning questions.  You can post your own blogs, syndicate articles and blogs from outside sources, and do tips, advice, and Q&A posts that will share your knowledge with your readers.  While it may seem counterintuitive to give away your knowledge for free, it gives your readers some trust in you, making it easier to hire you someday.

About You

Whether it’s a behind the scenes post, news about your business, or information on your latest hire, readers like to get an inside glimpse into your business.  Social media can be fairly casual, so it’s the perfect place to go live with tips, share something personal (but relevant), and communicate with customers.

Share some personal things about yourself and your business - it doesn’t always have to be so formal!


We’ve all seen the inspirational quotes and graphics going around social media.  They might seem simplistic, but they’re easily shareable and provide your readers with a “feel good” message.  As we mentioned before, not all content has to be so heavy and information-filled.  It’s fun to mix in positive messages, tips on a graphic, or other fun content that will be easily shared.

When your graphics are shared, it’s more likely that more people will like your page, growing your following.  Be sure to include your website and business name on each graphic, and work to create your own content versus taking from others.  It’s fine to share directly from another page (with proper attribution, of course!), but creating your own graphics is much more powerful.


Last but not least, we come to sales.  This is because very little about your social media profiles should include sales information!  Once you’ve given lots of good content, it’s fine to ask for the sale.  You can run an interesting promo, offer a discount code to social media followers only, or something else that involves a direct ask to your products or services.

Again, this should be a small, small part of your strategy! Don’t drive away sales by constantly asking for them.  It’s important to strike a balance between value, solid information, fun information about your company, and finally - the sale.

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3 Top Tips for Using Facebook for Business


Facebook is an important and useful tool for promoting and sharing as your business.  Whether you’re a business owner, post content for other companies, or simply promote your services via social media, using Facebook effectively is key.

Read along for some top tips to ensure that you’re utilizing Facebook in the most effective ways.

Stay consistent

Consistency is key, and it’s the way to keep your readers engaged with your brand and its content.  If you’re posting very sporadically, no one gets to know you.  Try to avoid posting five times per week, followed by once per month, followed by 3 times per day.  Get into a routine that suits your content and schedule, and make sure that it’s realistic.

To start, figure out how much time you have to create content.  If it’s one hour per week, determine how long it takes to create each post.  You’ll also want to factor in consistency here and determine if this will be feasible as an ongoing schedule. From here, create a content schedule that includes the content that will be posted with the date and time.  If you’re able to do this weeks or months in advance - even better! Do what you need to do to establish a routine that is consistent and doable for your schedule.

Visual appeal

Your posts can’t simply be informative, they must also look nice. Articles can simply use the attached photo or a stock image, but your quotes, tips, and customized posts need to look their best and match your branding.  Facebook is a very visual platform, and posts containing graphics often per

You can utilize programs such as InDesign or Illustrator to create graphic posts, or simply use free online tools like Canva, Pablo, or PicMonkey.  These sites allow you to upload images, add text and/or shapes, and so on.  You’re able to create stunning posts in a matter of minutes, and it’s much better than constantly borrowing graphics from others.

Avoid selling

If you have a business, your first reaction in using Facebook for business is likely for sales.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the best course of action for social media.  It’s tempting, especially with a large, engaged audience, but it’s not ideal.  This doesn’t mean you can never feature your products and services, but they should always include the benefits to your prospects.  Additionally, you’ll still want to keep these posts to a minimum.

Your goal, in using Facebook for business, is establishing a presence, as well as establishing yourself as an expert in your line of work.  Provide a generous amount of valuable information to your readers, and they will realize that you have a lot of knowledge in your area.  You can also provide tips, advice, product usage information, benefits of using your type of services, inspirational quotes and information, and much more.  Keep your information varied and interesting, but ensure that 75-80% is valuable versus salesy.

When you do post something that could lead to a sale, your audience will be more likely to receive this favorably, since you are the expert and they’ve valued your free information so much so far.

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