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3 Steps to an Amazing New Year

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to reflect on where we are and where we want to be. Focusing on where we can improve and making a plan to get there is imperative. Here are 3 steps to getting your year off to a great start. 


First Things First: Get Organized

The new year is a great time to get organized. Start with your desk. If your desk is messy, it will keep you from being productive. Keep only what’s necessary on your desk such as a to-do list and the current project you are working on. Create a filing system for everything else so that you can work without the distractions of everything else. 

Once your desk is organized it will help you focus better on your tasks at hand and motivate you to organize other areas.


Second: Set Small Goals 

Once you’ve gotten organized, set some small goals. Goal setting can be intimidating. Who wants to set some monumental goals only to never achieve them? You may have a big goal but you may find it easier to break it down into small daily goals. Once you have those set, you can add weekly goals and monthly goals.

Take some time and think about the different areas of your life (self-care, marriage, kids, health, fitness, career, spiritual, social, etc.) Now set aside a few minutes to set some small, achievable goals. Next turn those into a daily to-do list.

By setting monthly goals, you won’t be overwhelmed. And you won’t feel like quitting if you have a small set back. It’s all about making progress not expecting perfection.


Third: Accomplishing More with Time Blocking 

If you aren’t familiar with time blocking, it is a way to schedule your time for maximum productivity. You take your to-do list and create blocks of time on your calendar to complete those tasks. It reduces interruptions and allows you to focus on that one task until its done. You can start by setting up one day for time blocking which may consist of a 30 minute block for email, one hour for social media, and a two-to-four hour block for writing or a project that you want to complete.  The idea is to focus exclusively on the task at hand so you are not starting and stopping and wasting time. If you’d like more insight on time blocking, watch this video.

So there are your 3 steps to an amazing new year in 2019!





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Friday, 30 December 2016 15:23

4 Tips to Start the New Year with Success


"New Year—a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours." - Alex Morritt

Happy New Year! As we embark on this fresh start, it’s clear that everyone has planning, goals and success on the brain.  Whether you’re seeking to find business success, lose weight, face fears, or simply get organized, now is the time to begin a new year successfully.

Set manageable goals now

Use the momentum of this time of year to set goals.  This doesn’t mean you have to (or should) set very daunting goals, but those that are manageable.  It’s typically easier and more effective to select 6-10+ smaller goals and break them into several weeks or months.  It’s much more difficult to focus on a goal that is over a year away, and momentum can be lost almost instantly.

Where do you want to be in your personal life?  Your career?  Your family life?  In your faith or spiritual life?  Think about all areas of your life and set goals in intervals that are likely to be achieved.

Reflect on your accomplishments

We tend to skimp on giving ourselves enough credit for our achievements.  Take out a pen and a piece of paper and really think about the good that you’ve done this year.  Have you been more present in your family time?  Did you earn a raise in your freelance position? Land a client that has been truly enjoyable?  Give yourself these wins, as it’s very encouraging as you start into a new year.

Do an audit

While we already discussed looking at your accomplishments, this it the time to audit all areas of your life from the previous year.  What worked and what didn’t in all areas? How can you improve?  Do you plan to stay in your  job(s)?  This is also a good time to analyze your rates and financial situation as well, and a prime time to consider tax and other filing items.

Refresh your materials

With a new year comes reflection, which can often mean changing of jobs and career paths.  Are you ready to put your best foot forward?  Especially if you’re considering a career change, or simply want to pick up some more freelance work, it’s a great time of year to update your job search materials.  Ensure that your resume and cover letter are updated and edited.  Review your references on file and make contact or select new ones to be sure that you have the best people in your corner.

Moving into the new year successfully is all about reflecting on what worked and didn’t work in the past, as well as a clear, thoughtful plan for the future.  Take stock in what has already happened, praise yourself for where you’ve shined, and set goals that challenge and move you forward in this promising new year!

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