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5 Keys to Success as a Mompreneur

Being a mom and running your own business is no easy feat. You have one hand on raising the next generation and the other slaying your day as a mom boss. So how do you do it? We’ve got 5 keys to success to help you. 

Be Passionate

First of all, Be PASSIONATE about what you do. If you love what you do, working and making an income are met with enthusiasm and eagerness. Not only will you enjoy it, your customers and clients will enjoy doing business with someone who truly loves what they do. If you do not enjoy your line of work, consider what other options you have. Do what you love and the money will follow.

Find Your Balance

BALANCE is KEY! You must make a conscious effort to give adequate time to each area of your life that is important to you. That includes your business, your health and wellness, your marriage, your family, your faith as well as recreation / relaxation. Periodically review where you are in your business and personal life and make adjustments as necessary to meet your goals and to keep your life in balance. Finding balance is one thing; keeping it is another. You’ll want to consciously keep tabs on where you need to make tweaks and adjustments to keep your life as balanced as you can.

Keep Learning

Be a CONTINUAL LEARNER and frequently seek ways to learn, grow and improve your business. New technology, apps and tools are continually being brought to the market. Make a point to regularly seek out new things to learn. Take online training. There are so many options out there. Ask for feedback and suggestions from those you trust -- this includes your customers, friends, family, networking colleagues, etc. Don't let your business get stale.

Make New Connections

NETWORK! Look for ways to network with other virtual professionals and small business owners both online and in person. Attend local networking meetings, join online groups, interact to serve and to learn. Be open to collaborating with other small businesses. You will not only gain business insight, you may make some great new friends and connections.

Remember the Golden Rule

Have awesome CUSTOMER SERVICE. Treat others the way you would want to be treated! Clients and customers are generally very loyal to a business that has wonderful customer service. Make every effort to make your clients feel valued and special. Go above and beyond when you can and let them know how much you appreciate their business. 

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Monday, 24 April 2017 14:41

5 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

We all hear about the elusive “work-life balance” concept.  It’s the place where our careers and personal lives become balanced.  We don’t feel overworked, we have enough time for friends and family, and so on.  While this is a great concept in theory, and one we should strive for, it can be quite difficult to make it happen.

Since reducing stress and making more time for those things that are important to you is truly crucial, read along for some of our best tips in increasing your work-life balance, and hopefully, your quality of life.

Declare your priorities

When you figure out what’s most important in your life, it becomes easier to figure out where to place your time.  If you’re working very hard to advance your career, perhaps that’s your priority for the next six months.  On the other hand, if you’ve been pulling 60 hour weeks and your priority is family time, you may have to re-evaluate a bit.  Everyone will have different priorities, and they will often change depending on the season of your life.

To start to create that feeling of satisfaction and balance in your life, start by examining priorities and place more of your time there.

Take time for yourself

It’s important to unplug when you aren’t in “work” mode! And it should be noted that work mode should not be 24/7.  This can be difficult as work from home moms, but it’s a necessity in gaining balance.

Take time for yourself: schedule something exciting, keep weekends for friends, family, errands, and fun, and generally create space for the good things in life.  Yes, work is important and a huge part of our lives, but if that’s all you do, you’ll quickly feel out of balance.  Don’t feel guilty about making yourself a priority; you’ll be a better mom, friend, and employee for it!

Manage your time

Are you spending more time than you thought on work tasks?  Keep track of your time for a while - both business and personal.  Once you see some patterns forming, create a solid schedule.  This will allow you to keep things in order and allow you to see where your free time is.  WHen you know where you’re spending too much (or not enough) time, you can readjust.

A lot of the work of establishing a solid work-life balance is in seeing where your time is going.  If you don’t keep track for a while, how will you know?  Put in some of the effort in the beginning and you can truly see where your time is being spent.

Make time for fun

For most people, a large part of work-life balance will include relaxation, family and friends.  You still have to have fun, even if your current priority is work or career advancement. It’s crucial to stay social, especially if you work from home.  Keep those social appointments and work them into your busy schedule whenever possible!

Take breaks

It’s important to stick to your guns regarding vacations, time off, and breaks.   Vacations and breaks don’t need to be elaborate, but there needs to be a definitive break from work on a consistent basis.

In our current culture, it’s easy to put these things off because so much needs to be done.  Fortunately, these things will still be there when you return! This isn’t to say that a great work ethic isn’t a wonderful thing, but too much of anything isn’t useful.

Work towards a balanced sense of work and life by following the tips above.  When you see where your time is going, focus on your priorities, and stay committed to what’s best for you, you’ll find these things are much more balanced in your life.

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