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Monday, 26 February 2018 15:27

Hire My Mom Success Story: Shannon Culp

Name: Shannon Culp

City / State: Denver, CO

Kids & Ages: Owen - 3 & Evan - 1 & Husband: Eric 

What’s your success story with

I cannot stop shouting from the rooftops! I've enjoyed introducing it to so many moms out there looking for exactly what I found through DREAM JOB. It's hard for people to believe there's a site out there focused on helping moms. When in fact,  the companies who advertise jobs here have a strong understanding of what career moms like myself are looking for. I wanted to find inner peace and perfect work/life balance that allows me to put my family first and not lose sight of my career goals.

I joined the website and actually got two awesome jobs in the span of 6 months!

For me, my career aspirations included finding the "diamond in the rough" position I just knew was out there. I wanted something I could be passionate about and proud of. I found BestSelf.Co’s posting for a Project Manager and instantly fell in love with this company and everything it stands for. Their post told me I could work 100% remotely, have fun at my job, and be a part of something truly amazing?!? Was this company for real? So, I checked out the website and learned all about Cathryn and Allen. They created an insanely successful business out of a need for organization and accountability. Not only was I going to focus 100% of my efforts towards landing this DREAM JOB with a company that was clearly cooler than I was, I found myself actually wanting to buy and try the products!

I got the job with BestSelf.Co. around the middle of September and less than a month later I joined my new team in Key West for my first (of hopefully many) bi-annual team retreats! fatefully connected me with a company and a job I didn't even know existed! Never in my life have I truly gotten to tell people about what I do with such amazing passion and pride. I have so much gratitude and thanks towards What a perfect season it is to reflect on that!

What’s your educational and experiential background?

My education is in Business Management & Accounting, and up until very recently the majority of my work experience was in Property Management.

What is your top tip (or tips) for landing a gig on


  • Set your career search goals high and thoroughly read each career posting that intrigues you.
  • Take the time to learn what they are looking for and promote yourself in a unique way that will make you memorable over hundreds if not thousands of other applicants:
  • Tell a short, yet intriguing story about yourself.
  • Find a way to relate reading and/or education that you’ve completed in a way that will make you shine in that position.
  • Bottom line, in your cover letter, don’t repeat your resume. Find a new and interesting way to tell your prospective employer about yourself.
  • Take care in every. single. application you submit. Don't phone this in. If you expect to land an amazing job - you have to put amazing effort towards achieving it.
  • Don't copy/paste for multiple positions. Research each company and reflect on that in your application.
  • Many of the jobs on HireMyMom are with aspiring startup companies who embrace the “work productively from home” mantra. If you want to be part of something amazing from the ground up, is an awesome place to find that!


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Monday, 19 February 2018 16:13

4 Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

The holidays are over and we’ve been back into our healthy grooves for a while now.  However, it’s that time of year that a lot of sickness is going around! Watch or read the news and you’ll hear that the flu season is running rampant.  It’s important to do your best to stay healthy and keep your immunity high this winter.

Read along for some of our best tips to stay happy and healthy!

Keep it clean

It goes without saying that cleaning is a crucial component in staying well.  Wash your hands as soon as you come home, remove shoes inside the house, and wipe your phone.  It’s been said that phones are as germy as public bathrooms!

Other important tasks involve being mindful of coughing and covering your mouth, disposing of tissues immediately, and generally avoiding passing your germs if you’re already rundown or ill.

Natural options

Medication isn’t the only way to get and stay well! There are plenty of holistic options that will be more beneficial for your body - and keep up your immunity to colds and the flu:

  • Hot tea

  • Bone broth

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Raw honey

  • Green juices

  • Vitamin C supplements

  • Plenty of water

  • 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables daily

  • Natural immune supplements such as Wellness Formula, that includes several immune-boosting ingredients


Get your rest

Rest is so crucial to your immune system. You know that when you start feeling rundown, it’s only a matter of time before illness takes hold. Exercise and being active is so important, but you don’t need to take it to extremes! Be kind to yourself - take breaks and don’t cram in a ton of things without down time, especially this time of year.

Make it a priority to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Take time to wind down in the evenings - relax and give your immune system a boost.

Cancel it

If a friend or someone’s kids are sick, do your best to cancel plans. It’s not fun or always convenient, but this helps to eliminate the spread of sickness. Illnesses can stay active for 24 hours to weeks after exposure - on surfaces and inside the body.

Click here for a helpful resource for parents that will tell you when your children are safe to return to school and activities.

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Monday, 12 February 2018 16:04

5 Ways to Achieve Success


Success looks different for everyone, but it’s something we all strive for.  Whether success is a career goal, or a certain way of flexible living for you and your family, you can take specific steps to get there.  With a clear plan and a few tips, you can achieve the success you’re seeking.

Define it

What does success look like to you? Just because someone you know feels successful in their life, doesn’t mean you ought to achieve the same things just because.  This can lead you down a path of striving for things that truly don’t mean much to you.

How do you enjoy spending your time?  What would a successful life look like to you? Take some time to write these thoughts down.  Once you know what you’re striving for, it makes it easier to prioritize and eliminate those things that don’t fit on your path to success.

Set goals

Goals are always very important and very motivating! Start by breaking down your vision of success into achievable goals.  For example, if one of your definitions of success is more flexibility in your workday, you might strive to work from home.  Goal #1 would be finding work from home sites, Goal #2 could be applying to at least 3 jobs per week, and so on.

Work on yourself

Working on yourself first is the best way to gain momentum and improve your outlook.  A positive outlook is always conducive to greater success! Start by doing what you really want to be doing, as much as possible, even if it’s on the side at first.  For example, you could start a side job or business, or paint or do another hobby on the side.

Another way to work on yourself and make yourself happy first is to work on self improvement, if that’s your thing.  This can look like a spiritual practice, getting deeper in your faith, meditation, etc.

Make time for social

According to, “socially isolated people are more than twice as likely to die from heart disease as those with a solid social circle.”  Despite your outlook on what success means, maintaining a healthy social life is key.

When you’re focusing heavily on your goals and successes - career or personal - you can start to neglect your social world.  It’s a really important part of health and life, and may even be another key to success.  Socializing is another part of networking as well, which can lead to job opportunities, business ventures, and so on.

Always keep learning

The smartest, most successful people are lifelong learners.  You can start a book habit - one new book per week (or month), depending on what works in your schedule.

Take time to read news or pursue an interesting hobby on a daily basis.  Take interest in new things.  Subscribe to information magazines and publications.  Take a local course.  Always work to grow your knowledge base! You never know what will strike a cord, change your path, or simply boost your perspective on your way to success.

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Wednesday, 07 February 2018 20:05

Deidra Martinez

"This fall I found my THIRD job with this amazing website. I have referred countless times. It has been a HUGE blessing to me and afforded me the opportunity to spend this invaluable time with my son."

Working from home affords a lot of flexibility and often improves quality of life, but it brings into focus the question of work life balance.  If you’re always in your “office,” does work ever stop?

One way to ensure that working from home is, in fact, working from home, it’s important to set expectations - and boundaries. You can still be there for friends and family on a more flexible basis while still having time to complete your tasks.

Set office hours and a schedule

Even though you aren’t going to an office, it’s still important to have fairly consistent office hours.  Not only does this set an expectation for friends and family, it keeps you on a schedule.  We typically get more done when we’re on a daily schedule, so it’s a great method for productivity.

Just because you set office hours doesn’t mean they have to be 9 AM to 5 PM.  If it works better for your family to start earlier or later, go for it.  It might be helpful to carve out an hour or two for kids’ obligations, car pool, or anything else that you typically need to get done.

Create a family calendar and fill it in.  You can create a schedule around this, giving yourself time off, extra days of work, and so on.  

Have a conversation

If you work from home, you might find that more of the house work and kid responsibilities are your job. This can be a great benefit of working from home, but it can also become overwhelming.

If you feel that the home obligations are out of balance, or you aren’t able to complete your work, it’s time to have a conversation.  Delegate some tasks to a babysitter or family member, and simply make it known that you’re only available at certain times.

Make it a real job

Working from home is still working, and it should be treated as such.  Create an office space that you enjoy, keep housework to breaks only, and work as you would in a traditional office.

The benefits of working from home include flexibility and comfort, but it’s easier to take it seriously and work successfully as an independent employee when you work in a more traditional way.  When you, as well as others, see your job as more “real,” the balance of work and the boundaries of time are more likely to be adhered to.

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