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Zoom Meeting Moderator – Hire My Mom

Zoom Meeting Moderator

Hello, Kami.

It is a pleasure to write to you about your Zoom meetings moderator position.

My name is Melodee Claassen and I have been doing this for about a year and a half for one of my current clients who has numerous events every month. I “create” the meeting in Zoom and then add the details to their membership site backend. When the day of the event arrives, I send the attendee list and join details to the speaker and then moderate the event.

I have not setup break out rooms yet, but Zoom is easy to learn and they do have telephone support, if necessary.

If you feel that my qualifications are what you are looking for, we can setup a call to chat . . . maybe even a Zoom meeting!

It is interesting that I saw this position listed. I actually have an interest in essential oils and home remedies. I have purchased several essential oils. Just trying to figure out what to do with them!

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this position.

Melodee Claassen
Owner, Business Remedies, LLC

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Zoom Meeting Moderator


I am a “Lifer” Mom and a retired administrator/executive assistant who decided to turn in my suites and office life to work from my home. Being a Zoom Moderator falls squarely in my wheelhouse, and I’d love to help you out with the workload that you have. I have attached a resume for you to take a look at.

I’m looking forward to talking with you further about this opportunity.

Warm Regards,
Betsy McDowell

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