Youth Noise cover letter

Dear Ajay,

I would like to express my interest in your Sales & Marketing position on since the role seems to be a good fit given work background. I would hope that my qualifications would be of interest to you. My background includes marketing, sales, customer service/outbound calling experience, and account management.

Regarding your desire for candidates to have organizational skills, here are some comments from performance evaluations that commends this trait:

“Danita keeps individual & group objectives in mind. She meets deadlines, organizes her work, and follows through on projects.”

“Organizes work efficiently, pays close attention to detail and produces high-quality work.”

“Danita has established effective relationships both internal and external.”

“Danita has established relationships with vendors as well as provides good customer service to advertisers and members.”

“Danita is very organized and that helps keep the department on task.”

Please feel free to call me at 703-201-7270 with any questions. Thank you for your consideration.


Danita Drake

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