Your Indispensable Virtual Assistant

Good Day!

Thank you for taking the opportunity to view my response and profile. I know time is money, so I’ll get straight to the bullet points:

*I’m self-sufficient, self-motivated, and a self-starter (not self-centered though 🙂

*I’m a avid researcher (I search ALL nooks and crannies)

*I moved out on my own when I was 17, married when I was 21, bought my first house at 22, started my first business at 25, now I have two beautiful children at the age of 30 – These many life experiences provided me with the will, determination, and responsibility to see to it that we have a great working relationship

*I’m a Generation X’er – social, app, computer and internet savvy with an old “responsible” soul – if that makes sense!

*I hold two degrees in Business (Administration and Management)

*I honestly believe in the phrase “you can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

*Although I’m an optimist (High energy, upbeat, positive professional) – I’m also a realist

*My website only lists my capabilities but in talking to me you’ll see, I’m not limited to the sites offerings:

Hope this is enough to give you a snapshot! If not, I’m happy to discuss my background and experience in depth at your convenience. Have a wonderful day! Namaste…

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