You ask and I answer

1. You’re given a project and the moment you’re given it you go into a panic. You’re the personification of procrastination. You’ve got a one week deadline. You’re sleepless at night. You get more panicked as the deadline approaches. You’re feeling the burden as the work isn’t getting done. You try to pull it together but it’s not happening. What is the project? What does it involve?

It involves reading a very long document (more than 10 pages) and writing a very long document (more than 10 pages). It may also involve following-up for the fifth time with someone who has never responded to any of my calls or messages. And likely there would be a public presentation component involved, which would be what triggered the avoidance coping mechanism to begin with. I don’t do well with public speaking (though I’m wonderful at customer service overall).

2. You’re given a project. The moment you hear it you’re excited. You immediately start to plan and take action, developing new skills to complete the project, and finding new people to contact. You’re ready to do a fantastic job. What is the project? What does it involve?

The project going through and existing list or database to verify the accuracy of older information, and update fields in the list to reflect things that have since changed. Maybe even to research new possibilities to add to the list, based on criteria that has already been set. I would be happy to touch base with a few agencies to confirm that the services they provide have changed, or that their admission requirements have been adjusted for this year. I would even go as far as to re-format or add new fields to the document as it became clear that the resource would be more useful with that information provided, and provide feedback about which field may no longer be required as times continue to change. It’s a project with boundaries, and I understand why it’s needed and I feel like completing it will provide value and assistance to others.

My resume is a little off — tailored to my local job search, but please see my Upwork profile here for a few of my transferable VA skills and some feedback from former clients I worked on short-term projects for. It’s been awhile since I’ve done any freelance work, since I’d been working full-time since August, and in school before that, but now I have nothing but time and I can’t wait to get started on something new.

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