Yoga Cover Letter


I just moved to the Laguna Niguel area from Newport Beach. Although it is not that far, it is far enough to find a new studio to practice, and hopefully to teach. I have put off getting back into teaching until I settled in a new location, so now is that time. I reviewed your website and it looks like a wonderful place to work and take part in teaching.

A little bit about myself; I’m a 30 year-old, small-town California girl with a strong desire to better my own life and inspire others to push their limits. I’m writing to you in hopes that I can speak with someone further about an opportunity to teach at your studio in any capacity my experience may lend itself well to any Hot Yoga studio. I’ve attached my fitness resume, as well as, my business resume (I’ve been a Marketing Director for many companies for years and would wish to work full time in marketing and have this as an added income) to give you a broad idea of what I’m all about.

Growing up as a competitive gymnast and dancer for over 20 years, I’ve always had a passion and love for fitness, performance, music, and a healthy lifestyle. Gymnastics and dance were such a huge part of my life growing up. They kept me fit and healthy, and they also gave me my love of performance, through music and movement. As an adult, although I no longer perform or compete, I still consider myself an athlete. Over the years, I have continued to look for different avenues to challenge myself in terms of my fitness and became a certified yoga instructor through Radiant Hot Yoga in the summer of 2016. Yoga has become a huge passion of mine, as I also am on a great spiritual journey of my own that pairs with my yoga practice, recently learning that I have the gift of empathic/mediumship/spiritual healing. I love to stay within the world of yoga, dance, and the arts because it is my passion and also because it contributes to the wholeness that is our mind – body – soul together. I thrive through the reward yoga practice and teaching brings me day-to-day and enjoy watching the growth and depth in the students I teach.

My experience ranges from teaching competitive gymnastics, competitive dance (hip-hop/jazz/lyrical), hot yoga, and acro (acro yoga and icarian acro). I continue to keep up with my own practice to ensure I’m guaranteeing my students an example to follow, while mixing in the essential core fundamentals. I would welcome an opportunity to speak to someone in your company about my fit as a potential instructor. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions and I’ll hope to hear from you soon.


Ali Miscevich
Instagram: @ali__marie (2 underscores)

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